Summer A to Z for Babies and Toddlers

Summer is over for all the school-aged kids, but this is Disney BABY, so we’ve still got some time to have fun in the sun. In case you’re running out of summer fun steam, here’s an idea for every letter of the alphabet!

baby in splash pad
A– The AQUARIUM is perfect for staying cool on scorching summer days while having fun outside of the house with the little ones!

B– DIY BALL PIT! Need an indoor activity to get you out of the heat? Why not fill up that inflatable kiddie pool with balls and let the little ones “swim” inside. Check out the idea over on Babble!

CCAMPOUT. This might be too much for babies, but toddlers will love crawling through a fort made of sheets and pillows in your living room.

D -Make some DISCOVERY BOTTLES. These bottles are fun for toddlers to shake, twist, tilt, and watch. They’re super-easy to make too!

E– How about some ENRICHMENT at your local children’s museum? They have all kinds of interactive exhibits for little ones to investigate.

FFROZEN TREATS help keep everyone cool on blazing hot summer days. Here is a great roundup of recipes you can try this summer!

G– Play one of these great sensory GAMES with your toddler (age 15 mos. and up) to help them learn about touch, sound, and smell while having fun this summer!

H– Could it be time for baby’s first HAIRCUT? If you can bear the thought of chopping off those little locks, why not give it a try? See another Disney Baby mom’s experience here.

I – Stuck INSIDE for the day? Have no fear! Here are 10 great ideas for inside fun to get you through with a smile on everyone’s face!


JJAR some fireflies. Go outside after the sun goes down and see if you can capture some, and watch your little one’s face light up when the bugs do.

K– Go fly a KITE. You may have to do most the heavy lifting. Bring along a fun-shaped balloon that your toddler can use as their “kite.”

L – Your local LIBRARY most likely has some sort of children’s program you can visit, and if not, they still have tons of fun books you and your little ones can go flip through and pick your favorites!

MMONSTERS! Have you seen the new Monsters, Inc. plushes in the Disney Baby shop? They are perfect for cuddly summer playtime.

NNATURE WALKS. Take your little one for a stroll through the park or even your backyard and let them pick up all the sticks and stones and leaves they like. Carry a little basket with you and then lay them all out at the end and name each item.

OOCEAN! Has your little one had their first encounter with the ocean yet? Why not now? Remember to take photos of this special summer event.

P– Family PICNIC! Head out with a basket full of fun foods and enjoy some fresh air in a favorite park or scenic spot.

QQUACK QUACK! Feed the ducks. Let toddlers rip up the bread.

R– How about instating one of these fun summertime RULES?

SSPLASH PADS! They have them all over the place and they are so much fun (and inexpensive!).

TTRAIN rides. A lot of zoos have little trains you can hitch a ride on. See if your local spot has a train you can take for a spin.

UUNWIND. Take some time for yourself when the little one naps. Maybe put your feet up, light a candle, read a book, or do whatever makes you feel at ease and relaxed for a few minutes.

V– Go on a family VACATION. Make sure to pack the camera and capture those memories!

WWATERMELON! It’s our son’s current favorite food. Why not invite some friends over for a watermelon-eating playdate? (Don’t forget the bibs!)

X– Cross over (is that a stretch for the X?) into slip-on diapers? This mom is giving it a try.

Y– Why not try a Mommy-and-me YOGA class at a local studio? It will be relaxing for you and the little one!

Z– Check out your local ZOO and see the animals up close and personal.

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