Style Your Own DisneyBound Outfits for Baby

Raising Disney kids is seriously so much fun. Between magical trips to the Disney parks and reliving magic through make believe, this mama is beyond happy.


I started my kiddos’ indoctrination in the world of Disney pretty early on. Their nurseries paid homage to my favorite stories and their outfits showed off all the cutest characters.

One fun way to share your Disney love with your littles is through DisneyBounding. In a nutshell, DisneyBounding is choosing regular clothing and accessories to mimic your favorite characters. Not quite a costume, DisneyBound outfits can be worn every day and anywhere. When planning for Baby, DisneyBounding can be affordable, comfortable, and seriously fun!

I’m excited to share some ideas with you for styling your own DisneyBound outfits for Baby.

It all started with a mouse. Start Baby’s look with red shorts and a black shirt to DisneyBound as Mickey. Add yellow shoes or socks. Don’t forget the ears!

No wonder they’ve been dating forever — Mickey and Minnie are pretty similar when you’re DisneyBounding. Choose clothing that’s black and red. Dressing as Minnie is a great time to rock the dots — polka dots, that is.

Donald Duck
No tantrums will be thrown while DisneyBounding as Donald Duck. A solid blue shirt and white shorts were easy to find and cost me less than $10. Any nautical-inspired gear will be a great accent. A red bow tie finishes off his look.

Daisy Duck
Daisy loves Donald and fashion, too. To dress baby like Daisy, pair a purple top with white bottoms. Daisy rocks a purple bow, so I added one to Baby’s outfit also.

Feeling goofy? Dress Baby in blue pants or leggings. Top with an orange tee and black vest. If the weather’s cool, a green knit hat will have you saying “Gawrsh!”

A dog is a mouse’s best friend. Show your love for Pluto with a monochromatic outfit. Yellow pants and shirt are the basis for Mickey’s pal. Add a green bib, scarf, or necklace depending on the age of the child. You can add touches of black like Pluto’s collar. Try shoes, hats, or other accessories.

The possibilities are endless for DisneyBounding. Princesses, villains, even theme park attractions are all fair game for cuddlier cosplay. Which character will you dress baby as?

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