Steppin’ Out in Style: Team McQueen

Hands down, my boys’ favorite Disney character is Lightning McQueen, from the first time we watched CARS together for a family movie night.

Clothes, accessories, and of course toy cars. If it has to do with Lightning McQueen, we probably own it.

Living in Indianapolis during the month of May also means celebrating the greatest spectacle in racing. Yes, I’m referring to the famous Indy 500. And no joke, from out backyard we can literally hear the the roar of the cars as they zip around the track. I know, it’s pretty awesome.

And while we’re not going to the race this year (maybe in a few years when kids are a bit older), we are headed downtown in our best racing gear to hang out with other race fans.

Our favorite Lightning McQueen racing gear:

  • Ready for the day.

    Ready for the day.

    All dressed up in their favorite CARS gear, we’re heading downtown to watch the 500 festival parade. Favorite part of the parade? Seeing all the celebrities and drivers, and of course the gigantic helium balloons.

  • Part of the pit crew.

    What does he want to be when he grows up? Yeah, you guessed it. Part of Lightning McQueen’s pit crew!

    Lightning McQueen Hat for Baby from: Disney Store

  • Fast on his feet.

    Fast on his feet.

    When I saw these black and white checkered slip-ons, I knew baby Paul needed to have them to go with all his Lightning McQueen tees. They’re kind of a perfect addition to his wardrobe.

  • Steppin' out in style.

    Just a few weeks ago baby Paul took his very first steps. And these days, you can’t keep him down no matter how you try. Because, there’s no walking in racing!

    See the latest CARS tees at Disney Store

  • Growing up too fast.

    Just like Lightning McQueen and friends, these two little boys of mine are growing up way too fast. And while we can’t make time stand still, we can enjoy the ride!

    Red Lightning McQueen Pit Crew Shirt from: Disney Store

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