Staying Stylish During Your Pregnancy ~ 10 Fashionable Looks from Audrey McClelland

We talk about baby fashion quite often here on Disney Baby, but one topic I have yet to delve into is maternity style and staying fashionable during your pregnancy. There are so many designers out there making cool, comfortable and super stylish outfits for expectant moms, and others who have fashion pieces that work well with your growing body.

As I am not currently expecting, I thought it would be fun to feature one of my friends and fashion experts, Audrey McClelland. She is a mom to four boys and she’s currently expecting her first little girl in the next 2-4 weeks. So very exciting!

Audrey is the founder of Mom Generations, co-founder of Getting Gorgeous Events, an author, and someone with a whole lot of style. You know those people that seem to put outfits together effortlessly and look chic in just about everything? That’s Audrey! Her look is chic and effortless, and I love how she uses a mix of affordable designers with more upscale brands.

If you’re looking for a little style inspiration, click through to check out 10 of her stylish maternity looks!

  • 10 Stylish Maternity Looks

    10 Stylish Maternity Looks

    You don’t have to spend a lot to stay fashionable during your pregnancy. Click through to view 10 looks from fashion expert Audrey McCelland. Psst.. that dress she’s wearing? $24 from Target!

  • Outfit #1 - 21 Weeks

    Outfit #1 - 21 Weeks

    “This was a work event for Bounty. I wanted to be professional, yet comfortable. I felt black would be the easiest for me to wear because it’s so versatile and I was able to dress it up with jewelry.”

    Get The Look: Black Leggings from Thyme Maternity, Blazer from Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Collection and Black Turtleneck Sweater from the GAP Maternity line. Accessories from Alex & Ani and C. Wonder and Boots from Lands’ End.

  • Outfit #2 - 25 Weeks Pregnant

    Outfit #2 - 25 Weeks Pregnant

    “Hanging out with my guys in the backyard and then heading out to dinner with my family. I am a total JEAN girl, so this outfit is VERY me – but also VERY comfy!”

    Get The Look: Red Sox Baseball Hat, Black Tank from Target Liz Lange Maternity Collection, Jeans from Thyme Maternity and Espadrilles from Macy’s.

  • Outfit #3 - 27 Weeks Pregnant

    Outfit #3 - 27 Weeks Pregnant

    “I do the mom segments on our local CBS news here, so this was me heading to the TV station! I love to wear color on TV, but also love to cover up with a blazer to make it professional looking.”

    Get The Look: Blazer from J.Crew, Top from Kardashian Kollection at Sears and Black Leggings (not seen) from GAP Maternity.

  • Outfit #4 - 28 Weeks

    Outfit #4 - 28 Weeks

    “I was heading out to dinner with my girlfriends and wanted to wear something very trendy and fashionable! I wanted to feel great for our night out!”

    Get The Look: Fishnet Sweater from TJMaxx (non-maternity), Leggings from Old Navy, White Tank from Target Liz Lange Collection, Boots from TJMaxx and Sunglasses from Foster Grant.

  • Outfit #5 - 29 Weeks

    Outfit #5 - 29 Weeks

    “We were visiting locations for my Baby Shower and it was school vacation for my sons. I wanted to wear something TOTALLY comfortable. I didn’t want to feel uncomfy at all throughout the day, so I went for layered items because the weather kept changing on us!”

    Get The Look: Red Sox Baseball hat, accessories from C.Wonder, Sweater from LOFT, Tank from Target Liz Lange Collection and (not pictured) Gray Leggings from Old Navy and Black Flats from Lands’ End.

  • Outfit #6  - 32 Weeks

    Outfit #6 - 32 Weeks

    “Hot Spring Day, hanging outside with the boys while they played. I wanted to be in something VERY cool because it was 85 degrees outside!”

    Get The Look: Strapless Beach Cover-up from Target (non-maternity), Fedora from Banana Republic and Sunglasses from Foster Grant.

  • Outfit #7 - 33 Weeks

    Outfit #7 - 33 Weeks

    “Picking the boys up for school! It was about 80 degrees and I wanted something comfortable, but also something chic because we were heading to a family event afterwards.”

    Get The Look: Maxi Dress from TJMaxx (non-maternity) and Sunglasses from Foster Grant.

  • Outfit #8 - 33 Weeks Pregnant

    Outfit #8 - 33 Weeks Pregnant

    “I was heading out on a date with my husband and I wanted to look totally-chic and stylish for him! He loves when I wear hats, so I really amped the outfit up with accessories. I kept it simple with clothing, but heavy on the accessories.”

    Get The Look: Fedora from GAP, White Tank from Target Liz Lange Maternity Collection, Tory Burch Handbag and Theodora and Callum Scarf from and Black Leggings from Old Navy.

  • Outfit #9 - 34 Weeks Pregnant

    Outfit #9 - 34 Weeks Pregnant

    “We were furniture shopping for the boys. It was a 90 degree day and it was just me and my husband. I wanted to look pretty for him, but also keep my outfit cool and breezy because it was SO HOT OUTSIDE!”

    Get The Look: Gray Tank from Target Liz Lange Collection, Army Green Skirt from 2 Chix Maternity and Flip Flops from Crocs.

  • Outfit #10 - 34 Weeks Pregnant

    Outfit #10 - 34 Weeks Pregnant

    “This was during our professional maternity shoot. We’re having a GIRL, so I wanted to wear a very bold and bright PINK dress! ”

    Get The Look: Dress from Ingrid and Isabel and accessories from Alex and Ani.

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