7 Ideas for a Spring Break Staycation With Baby

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Winter has come and gone in the blink of an eye!

And in between wiping messy faces, bedtime routines, giggles, meals, and cuddles, we are constantly thinking of ways to celebrate each season with our little ones.

Today, I’m sharing seven exciting ideas for a staycation with baby you can try this spring. Having two under two can make trips a little tricky at times, but these easy ideas require almost no travel — and will instantly put you in the springtime mindset!

  • SpringBreakStaycation

    Our Spring Break Staycation

    Plan your staycation with baby with these simple ideas!
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    A Fun Neighborhood Adventure

    One of our favorite ways to take full advantage of the beautiful weather is to take a family walk. Soren loves sitting in his Mickey umbrella stroller, wearing his favorite outfit. He can easily see the sights and feel like he isn’t missing out on anything important. FOMO is real, even for a 2-year-old! While we love sticking close to the neighborhood, we also love venturing out to our local zoo, farmer's market, outdoor mall, park, or aquarium! 

  • smallishnap_IMG_5515 copy-sq

    A Smallish Nap or Two

    After taking in the beautiful weather and getting in plenty of play time, we all appreciate a moment of rest (especially Mommy)! While Soren takes a little time to snooze in his room or flip through the pages of his favorite books, Aria is close by in her Minnie Dotty play yard taking a few catnaps and giving me plenty of sweet coos and smiles. Of course, this is my favorite time to either be productive or sit back and enjoy the quiet. 

  • movietime_IMG_5820 copy-sq

    Movie Theater Magic

    It may not be practical to take your toddlers to the movies to enjoy their favorite Disney film, but you CAN bring the theater to your living room! Soren loves watching Finding Nemo on his favorite Disney quilt while enjoying popcorn and juice! Of course, we’re sure to include plenty of pillows and breaks for tickle time. Aria might not enjoy the movie at this point but she’s more than happy to be with her big brother.
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    To Grandmother's House We Go

    Whether it’s a playdate with a close friend or a visit to the grandparents' house, we love spending the day with the people we love -- and looking cute, no less! Every once in a while, I’ll pack up our Disney Baby tote with snacks and toys for a day at Grammy and Papa’s house. While the kiddos play and get their grandparent fill, I like to take advantage of a little alone time to run a few quick errands. ;)

  • fort_IMG_5381 copy (1)-sq

    Welcome to Fort Kiddo!

    An all-time favorite activity of ours is fort building. Nothing brings out the kid in a parent than helping their little ones build the perfect fort for all of their imaginative adventures. We love using our Disney quilts (Mickey Mouse, Ariel, and The Lion King) with our favorite characters to create our castle fort. Of course, he wouldn't go anywhere without his Mickey Mouse straw cup, and our wooden train adds an extra touch of magic! 

  • IMG_5272 copy sq

    Playtime at the Palace

    Soren has become a pro at play and Aria is still in the coos and drool phase of being a baby. While their interactions are rare, they are sweet. Soren has his Mickey Mouse wooden train set figured out and Aria is still learning to really appreciate colors and shapes, especially all of the playfulness from the Finding Nemo walker attachment. I have a feeling she’s counting down the days when she can chase her brother around the house in her walker! 

  • lunchtime_OutToEat (1)-sq

    Lunch Time, Please!

    One of my personal favorite ways to spend time with the family is to get out and eat lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. This is our time to catch up on the day, make silly jokes, and take a break from the busy. Soren does his best to keep his Mickey shirt clean and always feels like a big boy drinking out of his Finding Nemo cup, which is a miracle cup if you ask me! I’m so thankful for this precious time with my little family. Soren’s belly laughs and cheesy grins never get old!

Here’s to spring and all of the wonderful flowers, sunshine, and weather it brings! May you create magical moments during your staycation with baby this season.

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