Star Light, Star Bright: Warm and Snuggly Disney Baby Sleepwear!

I feel like the last few days have been such a tease: it’s been bright and sunny, but boy howdy, is it COLD! These last couple of weeks of winter make it all too easy to keep baby in their PJs all day. I confess: Judah’s been spending a lot time in his jammies if we don’t have to leave the house! Sure, he has lots of cute outfits, but if we’re not out to dress up for anyone, it’s so much easier to just zip him in and out throughout the day as needed for diaper changes. And besides… they’re so warm and snuggly!

Now’s a great time to stock up on your favorite Disney Baby sleepwear, on sale now at Disney Store for their Star Light, Star Bright Sleep Sale! Here are my favorite footie, comfy cozy super cute sleepwear picks for baby.

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