How to Speed Up Baby’s Bath Time on Busy Mornings

In a dream world, every baby bath would be unhurried, with plenty of time for gentle scrubbing, playing in the tub, mountains of bubbles, and a thorough drying off afterward.

In the real world, sometimes babies are in desperate need of a bath on a busy school or work morning and you just need to get them in and out lickety-split.

If you want a fresh smelling baby in no time, here are some of my tricks for getting my babies clean quickly.

1. Use a baby tub. They are so much quicker to fill up than a regular-sized bathtub, and you are way less likely to get yourself soaking wet (very important if you’re already dressed and ready to leave the house). And you don’t have to wait around for it to drain afterward.


2. Get everything ready before you put the baby in the bathtub. Once the baby is in the bathtub, you can’t step away, so make sure you have a towel, new diaper, and clean clothing at the ready.

3. Use one product for body and hair. The great thing about babies is that you can just get a single product to wash their hair and body.

4. A hooded towel means you can dry their hair and body at the same time. I am a total convert to hooded towels and never use anything else. While the towel is soaking up the water on their bodies, I can use the hood to scrub their hair dry too.

5. If all else fails, do a washcloth bath. No time even for a quick bath? Wet a washcloth, undress your baby and give them a quick scrub, then a new diaper and outfit. Two minutes and you’re ready to get out the door!

What are your secrets for getting a clean baby when you’re in a rush?

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