My Favorite Spring Break Memories as a Mom

Spring break changes a bit when you become a parent. Lounging at the beach becomes a little more adventurous with a little one around!

But making these sweet memories with our little ones is such a treasure and the time is fleeting! Some of my all time favorite road trips and spring break memories include my babies.

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    My Favorite Spring Break Memories

    Here is a journey through my favorite spring break memories after becoming a mom!
  • picnics in California

    Picnics in California

    I have a few beautiful memories of a few picnics in sunny California that take my breath away.

  • long walks

    Long Walks

    Taking long walks as a family is something that I will forever cherish.

  • playing dress up

    Playing Dress Up

    Sometimes it is nice to dress up as a family and go out for a nice brunch or a nice dinner as a special spring break treat!

  • bugs


    I have a specific memory of searching for doodle bugs and lady bugs on one of our road trips with the kiddos! A favorite memory for sure!

  • lazy river

    Lazy River

    There isn’t anything sweeter than a baby, a bottle and a lazy river - love!!

  • San Antonio

    San Antonio, TX

    When Aiden was small we took a road trip through Texas and went to San Antonio! The Alamo & Sea World were an absolute blast!

  • the in-laws' pool

    The In-Laws' Pool

    I have so many sweet, beautiful memories of the kiddos and our dogs swimming at our in-law’s pool!

  • Sprinklers


    A favorite activity to do with a baby is to set up sprinklers in the backyard for them to watch and crawl around by! So sweet!

  • car wash

    Car Wash

    Letting your toddler help out with washing the car is such a sweet, special memory! They love “helping” out!

  • local petting zoo

    Local Petting Zoo

    I have a super sweet memory of us taking Ainsleigh ( 6 weeks) and Aiden 18 months to a local petting zoo! It was such a fun outing for us!

  • sun hats

    Sun Hats

    I have the sweetest moments captured of my girls in the cutest sun hats. The sweetness of their tiny faces and little hats just captures my heart!

  • explore


    My little Aiden has always loved to explore. Spring break is the perfect weather for some good outdoor exploring!

  • grab a blanket

    Sitting on a Blanket in the Grass

    Some of my favorite memories are as simple as grabbing a blanket and sitting out in the front yard reading books together!

  • feed the ducks

    Feeding the Ducks

    A sweet and simple spring break activity is to grab a loaf of bread and go to a nearby park to feed the ducks! Your little one will love it!

  • water park

    Water Park

    The Dallas Zoo actually has a water park for the babies and little ones to play and cool off in. A sweet little splash park is such a fun memory to make with your sweet one!

  • play dates

    Play Dates

    Spring break has always been an opportunity to have play dates with a few of my friends who normally are in school or are teaching during the week! I have some fond memories with my dearest friends!

  • the river

    The River

    One time we went to a Texas river and had a picnic, splashed in the water and threw rocks. It was glorious! Apple even snagged a nap by the beautiful sound of water running.

  • watching the waves

    Watching the Waves

    Watching the waves with your tiny one by your side is such a gift. Soak it in.

  • art class

    Art Class

    Often times we would take a mommy&me art class together over the break! This is such a sweet opportunity to let your little one play & get messy.

  • mountains

    The Mountains

    Not all of the best memories are made at the pool or beach. The mountains are also a really incredible place to explore and play with your baby! This is a favorite memory enjoying the snow with my Aiden!

  • ice pops

    Ice Pops

    One of my favorite things to do with my spring break babies is make orange juice ice pops and eat them out in the hot Texas sun!! You can make them from any type of juice! Yum!

  • fountains


    We have so many sweet memories as a family at the pool that my parents belong to. It has incredible fountains for the babies to splash around in!

  • ocean

    The Ocean

    This sweet picture was the very first time our sweet Aiden ever felt the ocean!

  • beach restaurants

    Beach Restaurants

    Something that I love about fun, spring break memories are all the yummy beach restaurants! We love eating as a family and then taking a long walk in the sand!

  • tea parties

    Tea Parties

    Being the mom of two little girls is recipe for some serious tea parties! Love!

  • hands in the sand

    Hands in the Sand

    Building sand castles with my sweet boy is a memory forever burned into my memory bank as perfection!

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