Spotted: 10 Everyday “Dad Thing” Moments

Watching my husband interact and care for our babies over the past couple years has been one of the most magical parts of my life. And it’s witnessing those small everyday nothing in particular moments that I fall in love with him all over again.

His laid-back and kind spirit are the glue that holds our family together, especially during those hectic days frantically trying to parent four little kids. He can calm a fussy baby like a boss, and follow it up with a light saber fight to end all fights. His skill are immeasurable, and on this Father’s Day weekend, we celebrate his awesomeness.

10 everyday magical moments doing his “Dad Thing”:

  • Stroll Master

    Stroll Master

    Two on the buggy, one on the chest. He’s a baby transportation master, even on the hottest of summertime days.

  • Party in Aisle Nine!

    Party in Aisle Nine!

    Our favorite Friday night activity? Taking the family to the warehouse store to buy a pallet of diapers, of course!

  • Multitasker Extraordinaire

    Multitasker Extraordinaire

    Tummy time + quickly checking the ball game score? No problem! Dad can multitask like a boss.

  • Like a Villain

    Like a Villain

    Truth: if he was anymore laid back, he would undoubtedly forget his first name. The backyard hammock is his favorite place to hang, naturally.

  • Rockablilty


    Becoming a human cradle and calming a fussy baby is one of his best skills.

  • He Races a Fast Car!

    He Races a Fast Car!

    Because mom just never races quite the right way, Saturday mornings reserved for daddy + his buddy playing cars on the living room track.

  • Lap it up.

    Lap it up.

    Because every night should end with some thumbsuckin’ and lap cuddles.

  • Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Daddy,wanna play light sabers with me? Always!

  • Maxin' and Relaxin'

    Maxin' and Relaxin'

    The countdown is on, just one more hour till bedtime! Last sips of drinks? Check! Digital story downloaded? Check! Check! Check!

  • And after a job well done...

    And after a job well done...

    Parenting is exhausting, am I right? Every once in a while mom and dad need to hit the town for a well deserved and much needed evening out. Because it all starts over again tomorrow…

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