6 Non-Traditional, Spanish-Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Although I was born in a Spanish-speaking country, my name is actually an English name. My mom heard the name in an English-language TV show and liked it. Hey, not all names have a grand story behind them, right?

Spanish Names for Baby Girls

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted a name that had a Spanish sound to it, but wasn’t necessarily a traditional Spanish-language name. I was not a fan of names like Maria or Ana for my daughter — they just didn’t feel right. The name we decided on for our baby girl is pretty perfect. It’s full of personality and we love the way it sounds.

If you’re looking for names that are not as common, perhaps you can look into some of these names I favor. Here’s a short list of “Spanish-inspired” names for a baby girl that I happen to like!

1. Ariana

2. Blanca

3. Esmeralda

4. Flor

5. Marisol

6. Solimar

What are some of your favorite names for girls?

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