12 Beautiful Spanish Baby Names Inspired by Spring

Spring, or la primavera as it’s called in Spanish, is just a little over a month away. With the promise of beautiful spring weather coming soon, there’s a lot of inspiration out there for some really cute baby names.

If you’re looking for baby names in Spanish (whether to honor your Latino heritage or just to have a unique name for your baby), then consider these spring-inspired Spanish baby names!

1. Flor –  meaning “flower.”

2. Rosa – meaning “rose.”

3. Amapola – meaning “poppy.”

4. Violeta – meaning “violet.”

5. Marisol (or Solimar) – both are reminiscent of “sol” and “mar” in Spanish, meaning “sun” and “sea.”

6. Amarilis – meaning “amaryllis.”

7. Girasol – meaning “sunflower.”

8. Lila – meaning “lilac.”

9. Margarita – meaning “daisy.”

10. Luz – meaning “light.”

11. Jacinto – meaning “hyacinth.”

12. Rio – meaning “river.”

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