Sometimes You Just Need a Little Alone Time

You might read that title and think I’m talking about me, as the mama.

And certainly I do treasure my alone time.

But I’ve discovered that both of my girls crave a little time and space of their own too.

Quiet Time

When my older daughter was a little over a year old, she started fussing to be put in her crib. She’d lay down and sing quietly to herself, enjoy a little quality time with her paci, or look at books. Sometimes I’d sit in the room with her and read my own book, or I’d leave her on her own while I vacuumed or cooked.

In the last few weeks, my younger daughter (19 months old) has started requesting the same thing. She’ll go stand next to her crib and when I ask if she wants to get in, she’ll say “yeaaaaah.” I leave her door open and I’ll hear her in there snuggling her stuffed dog or gently kicking her feet against the side of the crib.

After a little while, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 20, she’ll start calling “Mama! Mama!” and I’ll retrieve her. And then, she’s happier and ready to spend time with the rest of the family.

Sometimes, all of us just need a little time to ourselves.

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