So, What Are My Child Care Options?

I’ve had four years with my son M. Little L came along six months ago, and not that I didn’t know she was coming (obviously!) but plans changed along the way. I stopped working full time and now I am home with two babes. Then, things started picking up again. A little project here, a freelance writing job there, a local event to plan and what do you know — I need child care.


Quickly I realized that we were not able to afford child care for my oldest, much less for both of them. Luckily my mother, who is a teacher, has been helping me this summer — but what will I do in just a few weeks?

A few nights ago, I was tossing and turning when suddenly, “AHA!” — that light went on and I knew what I had to do. I thought, why not ask one of my cousins in Chile to come spend her summer (December through March) with us as an au pair? She has always wanted to come, we finally live in a house with a spare room, and it would be a massive help!

I instantly sent that email and we should be speaking this week. I don’t know if this will work for us, but I know that so many parents are having a hard time finding adequate care. A neighbor told me she had a nanny share with another family, and another friend said she had someone come over three times a week while she worked away. I suppose everyone finds a way, and I’m hoping August will bring good news for this very busy familia!

Do you have child care? What have been your best options?

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