So, Is This Crawling?

While Noah didn’t crawl until the 9-month milestone, little baby Benny can fully make it across the living room floor at 6 months. And he picks up speed every day — officially making him a “mobile” baby.

Read: Oh crap, now it begins.

But here’s the thing: Is he technically crawling?

He started out like a little worm — wiggling his way forward, using his shoulders, belly, even his head. So we knew it was starting — this road to running — but who knew how long this first stage would last. Like I said, Noah was scooting and cruising for months before he actually attempted to master the crawl.

But Ben certainly isn’t complacent with his milestone accomplishments. Isn’t it crazy how we can already see personality traits peeking through, right from the beginning? Noah is slow to warm to change, and no matter what task is at hand — be it crawling or potty training — he’ll quietly perfect his skills until suddenly a switch is flipped, and he’s crawling throughout the house without a face plant, or wearing underwear at night without an accident.


That’s not Ben. Ben muscles his way through the milestones at warp speed, like a ravenous and insatiable sponge. And so now he’s fully moving through the house, despite never mastering the technique of crawling.

You know the knee-hand-knee-hand movement? That’s not Ben’s style.

He starts in a frog-like position (Exhibit A, above) and then rocks his body back and forth, warming up. Then he’ll propel himself forward using only his upper body, until he’s dragging his lower half like an injured man on a mission. (And that mission is often to retrieve a perfectly mouth-sized object across the room.) A lower half — mind you — that’s flailing about, trying to get some footing.

So, like, he’s so close. Yet he still goes for it — full throttle — making “crawling” so much more strenuous than it needs to be.

Here’s the question: Does that qualify as crawling? Can he check that one off the milestone list? Should his baby book read, “CRAWLING: 6 months”?

I’m not sure it even matters. Whichever way you slice it, this baby is on the move.

[oh crap now it begins…]

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