Slurping His Veggies Down

I’ve never purposefully set out to trick my kids into eating their veggies. In my opinion, sneaking veggies into food feels like a long-term recipe for disaster (no pun intended), as well as a whole lot of extra work in the kitchen I’m just not willing to take.

But then a few weeks ago, baby Paul started refusing to eat anything off a spoon or fork. Staples like yogurt, fruit and veggie purees, and even his favorite oatmeal he now swats onto the kitchen floor. Needless to say, I’ve started to worry about his diet and lack of proper nutrition.

And then we stumbled onto an unlikely solution.

You see, every morning for the past couple of years, I’m made myself a tasty smoothie packed full of raw fruits and veggies. My kids typically won’t touch it, and my husband thinks it’s just too nasty to even give an honest chance.


Then one morning while I was blending up my smoothie and baby Paul was eating his waffle (bread! carbs!), he started pointing and grunting at my smoothie. Hey Paul, you want a taste?

So I gave him a sip, and he sucked it down like it was nobody’s business. You guys, devoured it. Honestly, it felt like such a magical moment, I had finally figured out how to sneak a bit of greens into his diet, in a form he actually enjoyed!

So now, every morning, I make a smoothie for baby Paul and I.

Paul’s smoothie ingredients:

handful of kale

1/2 banana

kiwi (with skins on)

keifer probiotoic drinkable yogurt

“green goddess” smoothie mix

handful of either frozen mango/pineapple/berries.

The key for getting Paul to drink it up is simple:

Blend it up extremely well. I typically turn on the blender and walk away for a couple minutes so it pours out smooth as silk. Secondly, I serve it up in a cup that has both a lid and a wide straw. I’ve found that traditional sippy cups (without straws) prohibit the smoothie from coming out fast enough, leaving me with a very frustrated and hungry little kid. Toddler sippy cups, look them up, they’re totally a thing.

Green smoothie. They’ve become my saving grace when it comes to getting Paul to eat (or drink) his greens. Have you ever served up your toddler a green smoothie?

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