Slow Down Little One

730 Days ago my life changed forever. 104 Weeks ago my heart grew bigger than I ever knew it could possibly grow. 24 Months ago I met a little girl who rocked my world. Two years ago I became a mother. Today is the second birthday of my sweet baby girl and I can hardly believe it’s flown by so quickly!

Slow Down Little One

It seems like only yesterday I was having a chocolate hazelnut milkshake before bed time and suddenly woke up in labor.

It’s been a magical two years. This little girl has taught me so many things and we’ve had so many adventures together. I can’t wait for all the fun adventures this second year will hold in store. Every day she’s becoming more girl and less baby and she’s developing such a vibrant little personality. I love watching her life unfold and getting to be a part of it.

Happy birthday my sweet Fernie girl! I am so thankful I get to be your Mama!

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