For Those Sleepless Nights

If you’ve ever felt that middle-of-the-night despair…

If you’ve ever wondered if it was normal for a baby to cry so much…

If you’ve ever wondered if your legs would physically collapse because you were so tired…

Then I raise my morning cup of coffee to you.


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Just a few short days ago, I was completing my 10th lap around the living room with my screaming, feverish daughter. Normally the best, most easy-going baby on the face of the planet, I felt a bit shell-shocked with how absolutely miserable she was. Nothing I did could soothe her. I tried nursing her, rocking her, putting her in a swing, swaddling her, nursing her again, snuggling her, letting her Dad hold her, massaging her, bouncing her, walking her, singing to her.

You name it–I tried it. But nothing worked.

My poor sick baby was so tired, sick, and miserable that she cried all night. From nine o’clock at night to almost six in the morning, I walked her around our living room and she cried the entire time. At many points during the night, I was practically in tears, wondering if I was doing something wrong, wondering if this nightmare would ever end, wondering how on earth I was going to survive the next night like this. (And it happened, you know it did.)

Somehow, we made it through that night–I ended up collapsing on the couch and at last my daughter fell asleep on my chest, as long as I didn’t stop rubbing her back and bouncing her in my arms and I lived with a kink in my neck that still hasn’t gone away.

It’s so hard, isn’t it, on those nights when we wonder if we will make it through.

But I know you will make it.

Because you are strong. 

Because you would do anything for that little baby in your arms. 

Because sleep will come some day, maybe just not today. 

Because there is a beauty about seeing the moonlight when no one else is awake. 

Because someday, that little body you cradled will be heading off to college and you will have those memories of all those late nights together. 

Because right now, you are your baby’s everything–his or her entire world. 

Because when all else fails, at least we still have coffee.

How do you survive those brutal sleepless nights? 

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Baylor’s Sleepless Nights

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