My Sleeping Beauties

Oftentimes, I wonder how many pictures I have taken over the past three and a half years of my babies sleeping. Something about their peaceful slumber melts my heart. It’s a calm that cannot be described.

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    My Sleeping Beauties

    Here is a little roundup of my favorite pictures of my little ones sleeping. My sleeping beauties.
  • crib love.

    Crib Love

    I put my sweet Apple in her crib, and before I moved out all of the pillows and took off her hat, I snapped a quick pic of this sweet beauty all swaddled up and sound asleep.

  • a favorite.

    A Favorite

    This might be my very favorite picture ever of my sweet girl. She looks like a little doll to me in this photo. Absolutely perfect!

  • mama love.

    Mama Love

    Is there anything sweeter than snuggling up with your little one for an afternoon nap? I love stealing a few minutes of sleep with my sweet ones.

  • hold my hand

    Hold My Hand

    My sweet Ainsleigh fell asleep on the couch holding my husband’s hand. Be still my heart! I love capturing these sweet moments.

  • she's out

    She's Out

    I was scratching her back next to me on the bed when I realized that she had fallen asleep! I hurried and grabbed my phone for a quick pic before I placed her in her crib. Pure sweetness.

  • sick days

    Sick Days

    The tummy bug hit our house recently and my littles snuggled up in our bed and slept most of the day. Sleep and some ice pops got us through!

  • wants to be the baby

    She Wants to Be the Baby

    Ainsleigh still wants to be the baby. And oftentimes she will crawl up into Apple’s swing and fall asleep just like this.

  • grandma' house

    Grandma's House

    I captured this sweet girl asleep on the chair at Grandma’s house. Despite the noise & fun going on around her, she was fast asleep!

  • morning light

    Morning Light

    Early one morning, I was sitting on the couch with Apple scratching her toes, and realized she was fast asleep! I love the way the morning light was pouring in around her.

  • aiden


    It’s hard to capture photos of this one sleeping because he rarely does! But I did get this beautiful capture recently of him asleep with the afternoon light flowing in.

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