One-Ingredient Popsicles You Can Make Right Now

I always love the idea of popsicles in the summer, but buying them can get expensive (especially if your little ones inhale them at the same pace mine do).

On the other hand, I’m usually not pulled together enough to make the elaborate popsicles I see on Pinterest.

Here are six popsicles you can make with a single ingredient. Just pour the item into the popsicles molds (I have a very cheap set from IKEA, and most grocery stores carry them during the summer too, or you can just use tiny paper cups and popsicle sticks), and serve up a few hours later!

1 Ingredient Popsicles
  1. Applesauce. Go with plain or buy one of the ones mixed with strawberries or pears.
  2. Smoothies. My girls often leave half their smoothie in the cup and I hate to throw it away! Pour it in the popsicle molds and, voila! It has new life.
  3. Yogurt. I like to buy the big tubs of yogurt since it’s so inexpensive, and it makes a perfect creamy popsicle. If you want to be super fancy, layer two kinds for a double-flavor popsicle.
  4. Juice. You can go super basic with apple or orange juice, or you can buy a fun juice (my girls are nuts about white grape juice).
  5. Canned fruit. Pineapple, peaches, pears – you name it! Pour the contents of the whole can into the blender, pulse a few time (or blend it completely if you want it smooth) and pour into your molds.
  6. Pudding. Scoop pudding into the molds and, ta-da! Pudding pops.
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