Experiencing “Sisterhood” Through Daughters

Walking down the hall to the sonogram room, I had butterflies the whole way. I knew it would be another girl. I just knew it in my heart.


And I was right — two sweet girls! I had this image. Two blondes, fair skin, light blue eyes. You could tell they are sisters. Traveling the world with only the packs on their backs. Experiencing this life. Laughing. Talking about where life will lead them. Their hair pulled back in ponytails, tennis shoes on — ready to see, taste, feel, experience.
sisters. having another girl.

One loves music, one loves art.

I never had a sister. Who doesn’t long for a sister? A lifelong friend to confide in, to grow up with. A sister. Someone to play dress up with as a child. Whispers of a first crush. Someone who has your back no matter what.

A sister. Someone who looks like you. You look into her eyes and not only see yourself but your mom and dad also. You’ve been side by side since birth — so much to walk through together.

When we found out that our third baby would be a little girl, I realized that for the first time I would get to experience “sisters.” My second born, Ainsleigh, and my third born, Apple, will get to have each other for life. I knew in that moment I was giving them both a gift.

Each other.

I have no idea if they will travel the world together, or what life will bring them. I don’t know what they will love yet. All just daydreams right now. But I do know there will be tears, giggles, lunch dates and more… all waiting for us at our fingertips. There will be silent moments and there will be busy seasons, there will be heartbreaks and there will be joys… each one, I will be there for. To watch them go through, watch them experience.

They will have me. And they will have each other.


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