Simplifying Our Outings with the Minnie Mouse Deluxe Changer

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Deluxe Changer for free.

Mamas, I have a confession to make. I love carrying my diaper bag. I think it appeals to the part of me that loves having a baby. I open it up and it is filled with little toys, spoons, pouches and tiny clothes and diapers. The contents of it are symbolic of where I am at this point in my life. But alas, my little one is growing up and the need to schlep around a diaper bag filled with things is no longer a necessity.

There have been a few times when we have gone to run a quick errand and my husband encouraged me to leave the diaper bag behind. And of course, I always found just cause to bring it, but now that Lola is one and the dynamics of our day to day adventures are changing I am coming to terms with the fact that if we are just going to dinner or to the store I probably don’t need that much stuff.


So I am making a change. I’m not ditching my diaper bag just yet (baby steps, my friends) but I am giving something else a try. Enter the Minnie Mouse Deluxe Changer. It basically has the ability to hold everything I need when it comes to short trips. It has two expandable pockets so it can fit diapers and wipes and depending on how efficient one packs, even a spare outfit. My plan is to put the necessities in there (diapers, wipes, trash bags (it has a dispenser!) – the changing pad is attached too which means one less thing to carry along with my wiggly thirteen month old. I’ll keep my diaper bag or a small bag in my car for extra stuff- things like a change of clothes, extra snacks and toys, diaper cream, sunscreen and all of those things that I tend to feel like I need but don’t necessarily need them to be readily available at all times.

For those times when I do feel that I need to bring my diaper bag the Deluxe Changer fits inside it perfectly! And not carrying a diaper bag means I can get back to using my purse. I recently purchased a small cross body bag that is lightweight (getting a smaller bag forces me not to fill it with stuff) and holds my necessities – like my wallet, phone, chapstick and even enough room for a small snack for us to share. This I admit will alleviate me digging for my wallet or keys because I didn’t take the time to put it in the designated pocket. Another perk – more room in the compartment under my stroller for shopping trips and carrying a little one without wearing a diaper bag at the same time makes for a more enjoyable experience!

As I said I’m not giving up my diaper bag just yet but I am looking forward to a lighter load so I can fully enjoy those last minute Target runs with baby Lola in tow. How old was your little one when you stopped carrying a diaper bag?

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