How to Know You’re Ready to Have a Second Baby

So you find yourself wondering if it’s time for that second baby… but you’re not quite sure what the signs are that point to “YES?” Don’t worry, that was me too. Having a second baby isn’t always the easiest decision to make but there are some telltale signs that can help you decide.

Here are 10 ways to know you are ready for a second baby.

1. If you’ve already upgraded to an SUV. You’ve got that extra room in the car now for traveling and even everyday errands with more than one little one.

2. If you have intense baby fever and find yourself wanting to babysit your friend’s new baby. Why not just have your own?

3. If you had an easy first pregnancy. Having an easy first pregnancy can make the second one more appealing. Both of my pregnancies were smooth and easy. I never got sick or had any complications with KJ, so it made me excited to be pregnant again. And I was fortunate that I didn’t experience sickness or complications the second time around, either.

4. If you’ve decided to have your kids close in age. My brother and I are 18 months apart and I always loved having a sibling close in age. It made me feel especially safe in high school to know my big bro was only a grade above me and would be around to watch over me. Plus, all of the baby items you bought for your first like a crib or swing or even bottles will still be in style and totally functional for your second baby!

5. If you don’t want to hardcore hit the gym! Haha. When KJ turned 8 months, I realized I needed to really get on my grind with losing that pregnancy weight. So I discussed it with my husband and asked him if he was ready for another one. I knew I wanted another one and it was either work out super hard and lose weight just to get pregnant again — or get pregnant again and THEN work off the weight after the second baby is born. Clearly we chose the second option. Haha.


6. If you want a big family. My husband who passed away was one of four boys, and he loved having a lot of siblings. We always said we wanted at least four. Now I’m marrying Josiah in October, and he is one of five children. So looks like I’ll end up with a big family after all! Especially because I’m coming into the marriage with two little ones already!

7. If you are nearing 40. I’m 31 and will turn 32 shortly after getting married, so if Josiah and I want three more kids then we will need to get going on that pretty quickly. Age is always an important consideration when deciding how many kids you will have.

8. If your first child is potty trained! That way, you aren’t changing diapers on more than one child at a time. Unless, of course, you have twins — then you’ll be grateful to not be changing THREE sets of diapers! Plus, if your child is potty trained, he or she is most likely old enough to help you a bit once the baby comes.

9. If you want a pet. Maybe that hankering for a new puppy is actually a misplaced desire for another baby? Something to consider, right?!

10. When the hubby finally agrees. I find that it typically takes longer to convince the dad that it’s time for another baby. Maybe it’s the added pressure of working harder in order to provide for another family member. So once he says yes, you better take him up on it! He may change his mind!

The truth is, a lot of times people aren’t expecting to get pregnant with their second one when they do. And that’s okay too! Don’t let two little ones close in age freak you out! I’ve had a blast having my boys 18 months apart. And also, don’t feel crazy when you tell people you are waiting a while for your second one. If you aren’t ready, then you aren’t ready.

The best advice I ever got during my second pregnancy was from my father-in-law Ken. I was worried that KJ was going to feel unloved or ignored when his brother was born, since he wasn’t even two when Bentley arrived. My father-in-law told me that we aren’t given one bucket of love to share with each child we have. We are actually given a whole NEW bucket of love for each child, never having to share the love we already have. That really helped me. I hope it helps you too.

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