Sick Baby, Sick Mama… And Dad to the Rescue!

It was quite the weekend at our house: Mom had a fever and a wicked sore throat. Baby had a stomach bug. And Dad?

Dad was our hero this weekend.

It all started last weekend: Judah got a high fever, a sore throat, and a rash. “Three to five days,” our doctor said. “Maybe a week.” Judah was at his most uncomfortable last weekend but slowly returned to his old self within a few days, just in time for my husband to head out on a quick overnight trip for work.

On Friday morning, I woke up with a high fever and a sore throat, and it looked like maybe I had picked up Judah’s virus. Getting through the day on Friday was a challenge by myself: I felt awful, I had end of the month deadlines to meet, and one very active baby. Larry wasn’t set to come back home until midnight that night. As I started feeling worse and worse, I caught an unexpected break: I put Judah down for what I thought would be a quick catnap before dinner; instead, he slept through the night, bringing me much needed relief.


Pictured: a hot mess.

On Saturday morning, I felt worse: my fever still hadn’t broken and my throat burned. Larry took Judah off my hands that morning so I could get some much needed rest. But that quickly turned out to be it’s own adventure in parenting. Judah got so sick he needed not one, but two complete outfit changes. Even Larry needed a change of clothes and a shower. He had to cut short his Father/Son day out to help me rest because clearly, Judah had picked up another bug. And by Sunday morning, whatever stomach bug Judah had picked up, I had, too.

We spent the weekend hunkered down at home, Larry warming Judah bottles of chicken broth while running out to get me popsicles and throat lozenges while Judah napped. He’d hold and rock Judah while he fussed while simultaneously checking my temperature and ensuring I stayed hydrated by bringing me glasses of cold water and Gatorade. And when Judah started to feel much better while I was still pretty under the weather, Larry took Judah downstairs to play while I slept and slept some more upstairs.

Thankfully, Judah and I are both feeling worlds better this morning. Neither of us is hardly back up to 100%, but we’re certainly feeling much better coming out of this weekend then when it went into it – and we have the best husband and dad to thank for helping us both get through a tough weekend.

Taking care of a sick baby is tough stuff. And taking care of a sick baby when you’re sick, too: even tougher. But it’s the mark of a real trooper like my husband to take care of a sick wife and a sick baby – and still manage not to get himself sick in the process that made Larry our hero this weekend!

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