Sibling Year in Review: Abby and Wyndham’s Best Moments from 2013!

Today I got lost in a time warp (time suck? Rabbit hole?) of reminiscing over all of my favourite moments, videos, and images captured from this past year with my darling mister and two maddeningly awesome little ones, Wyndham and Abigail.

I ventured out to share some of our favourite moments together as a family from 2013 and came up with a lot of adorable pictures of just the two of them. I started to hear their sweet little voices in my head, telling me all of the things they’ve started to be able to articulate. The things they love doing, their own favourite memories, what they miss with the passing of the seasons and what they can’t wait to do again. What they’re loving in this very moment and what makes something magical for them from one day to the next.

It seemed only natural that I let them ‘tell’ the story of their past year, their 2013 year in review as sibling adventurers; revving up for a fantastic 2014!

  • Abby and Wyndham’s Best Moments From 2013!

    Abby and Wyndham’s Best Moments From 2013!

    As told by the munchkins themselves…

  • Tobaganning


    A great Canadian past-time apparently. What does that mean you guys? Anyways, it was really cold and sort of fun I guess, but I had to pee really bad and I went in the forest. My bijogiin (that’s Ojibwe for pee-pee), got so cold! I can say that right? Oh, yea, obviously this is Wyndham. The best part was making daddy run and going really fast and the hot chocolate with marshmallows after!

  • Easter


    Abby here! So I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about, but the bunny ears were really cute and looked so funny on my dad. I was still a little unsure and all the adults we being really weird and hopping around and smiling like crazy. Then! Oh, then there was chocolate all over the place! I got this darling spring dress that was all flouffy and perfect for twirling! Don’t take me anywhere near any big bunnies though. That’s not natural and it’s kinda scary.

  • Playing Pooh-Sticks & Hiking With Grandma

    You GUYS. This game is SO MUCH FUN! Oh yea, it’s me Abby who’s sayin’ that.

    Just in case y'all don't know what Poo-Sticks is...

  • Spring...Finally!


    Wyndham here, I think this picture is SO FUNNY. We were pretty happy because the snow was starting to melt last spring and mama was talking to us about the seasons and how they change and that’s really cool. Look at my sister’s hair! That’s silly! This one’s a framer.

  • Fort Building

    Abby here. This was the day we built our very first fort, or at least from what I can remember. It was BEYOND cool. We brought books, blankets, pillows and plushies in there and even a lamp and flashlights! My mama hooked this one up and she was in my good books for like a whole week for that one.

    On The Importance of Fort Building (According To My Mom)

  • Scooters and Bikes, Awe Yea!

    This was totally our year for learning how to ride bikes and scooters. It was really hard at first and I lost it a few times and truth be told, Abby doesn’t do it as good as me, but I’m going to teach her better in the spring. Oh, I miss that nice weather.

    You can see some of our bike action in Story mode here!

  • Shopping Carts Rule

    Shopping Carts Rule

    Hi friends, it’s Abby! Can I just tell you how much I absolutely ADORE riding around in shopping carts with my brother? SO much fun. I wish times like that could last forever.

  • Red Door Series

    Wyndham here! So my mom is a blogger, which one might think means she takes a lot of pictures of us and she does. Which, for now, we love! Probably won’t last though so she’s milking it for all it’s worth and putting pictures of us up all around the house. Which, I actually really like. It’s like memories and they make me smile! Abby LOVES looking at pictures of us. Anyways we have these cool red doors at our house and when it’s not too cold we take pictures in front of it for a gummy bear. Cool! I think there’s a hashtag involved or something? I don’t get that part.

    See most of the Red Door Series here!

  • Ice Cream, Picnics, The Park, Soccer & Bike Rides

    Ice Cream, Picnics, The Park, Soccer & Bike Rides

    Okay, on behalf of both my sister and I, let me just tell you guys how much we miss spring and summer. Looking at this little collage really brings it back.

  • Strawberry Picking & Zoo Visits

    Strawberry Picking & Zoo Visits

    It feels like we do way more fun stuff in the spring and summer than what we do in the winter. Except for Christmas which you’re going to grock from my brother. Except my mom’s saying the tree has to come down now, which I’m totally NOT letting happen. Not without a big fuss anyways. Oh yea, back to summer stuff. I loved going to the zoo, feeding the giraffes bananas was the best part, but I also loved those little baby sheep. I want one for a pet in fact. Oh, and the strawberries. Absolute heaven.

  • Camping

    Ah, the summer of 2013. This was definitely a highlight. According to my mama and dad it was a lot of work too, no matter. I can’t wait to go again this summer!

    Check Out My Mom's Tips For Camping With Toddlers Like Us!

  • Beach Bums

    That’s what my mum calls us. Sometimes. Just like I sometimes call her mama, mom, mommy and mum. I like to mix things up. Now this, this is what I miss the most about the summer! All of the everyday trips to the beach or those spent playing in our backyard, what my mom calls our oasis. I guess she’s right. It is pretty fun back there, but now it’s covered in snow.

    Check out more of us, the beach bums of 2013!

  • Don't You Call Us Hippies!

    Don't You Call Us Hippies!

    It’s just me Wyndham again guys. Just because we like to go to outdoor music festivals and go camping. Psh. That stuff is FUN you guys. Anyways, we did lots of that this spring, summer and fall and it was definitely a big highlight. I can’t wait to do more of that stuff in 2014! I wonder what bands we’ll discover and where we’ll go camping next! I have some new moves to bust out and books to read.

  • Apple Picking

    Apple Picking

    Yo, this is Abby! This was off the hook! (I learned that expression from my babysitter.) Anyways, apple picking is my favourite and I especially like eating so many apples I almost (but not quite!) get sick and making apple butter with my mama after, or when she makes apple pie and apple crisp. Which also means ice cream is going to happen. Win, win, win!

  • He Really Does Love Me After All

    He Really Does Love Me After All

    HI! This is Ab-ba-ba (that’s my nickname). Even though my brother likes to torture me, he’s my best friend and he always plays with me, reads me stories and protects me. I really loved this day at the grocery store when he let me fall asleep on him. I was SO tired and mama just HAD to get groceries.

  • Special Pow Wow

    Special Pow Wow

    Wyndham here. Okay. So. Me and my mom and my sister went to a Pow Wow and it was Abby’s second one. But this one was special because both of us wore regalia and entered the community drum circle for the first time! My mama and auntie Sarah made our regalia and I must admit, Abby looked incredible in her jingle dress. My mom said she was amazed that I loved getting dressed in everything and that I let her put corn row braids in my hair. Duh. I knew it was special. Kids know stuff too! Sheesh!

  • Our Birthdays!

    Our Birthdays!

    Okay so my birthday was just in November (me, Wyndham guys) and Abby’s was all the way back in July. So it’s coming really soon again. I keep saying tomorrow and my mama says nope, longer than that. And then she starts talking about the concept of time, and days and weeks and months and then I know it’s going to be like FOREVER before there’s another birthday party.

  • Centre Island

    Centre Island

    Wyndham here. This place is the best. It seriously rocks. Apparently we go every year, but I only remember last year and I can’t wait to go again! Last year I rode the roller-coaster with dad and I’m totally going to do that again!

  • Going To The Pumpkin Farm

    Hey guys, it’s me, Wyndham. My pumpkin farm is totally awesome. In fact, it’s incredible! I learned that word today, I learned it means the same thing as awesome! So anyways, our pumpkin farm had THREE bouncy castles and tractor rides. I think my mom really loves pumpkins or something, which is fine because she makes pumpkin pie with with whipped cream and Abby tries to eat all the cream.

    Check out all three of our years at the Pumpkin Patch here!

  • Wyndham's 1st Day of School

    Wyndham's 1st Day of School

    I was so proud of my brother here on his big day and he looked so handsome! It was also my first day in a new class-room in pre-school and that’s where I met Faifie (Faith), the best teacher I ever had. She’s so nice!

  • Family


    Dis is my family guys. Gamma, poppa, auntie Sawah, Kelly, Uncle Jon, my bruder and my mama and my dada. My FAMILY. You know dis is Abby talkin’, right? Just checkin’. (Yes, my daughter Abby actually talks like this. She is obsessed, amongst many other things, about all things family and yes, it’s adorable.)

  • We're Little Warriors!

    We're Little Warriors!

    My mama tells us this all the time and I’m totally down. I’m starting to figure out that there’s lot I have to learn and be proud of about my Native heritage and lots of people are sad about it and fight about it a lot, but there are also lots of happy and strong people in unity! My mom keeps saying that if more kids are taught better and if we all keep talking, that maybe things can change.

  • Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Hey-o! It’s me, Abby! So technically this isn’t a picture involving both me and my bro, but I just love this picture so much. In fact I really loved this whole day where Wyndham and my mama did some cool Halloween stuff and took lots of pictures. Wyndham likes to wear the jacket for dress-up now and I can’t wait till it fits me!

  • Halloween 2013

    My name is Wyndham and I love music. I’m a drummer and I love to rock out and my sister loves to dance. Actually I love to dance too and she really likes to sing. Awe heck, we do it all. Especially well when we’re dressed up like Neil Young, (me), and Joni Mitchell, (my sister).

    Apparently my mom likes this Halloween thing even more than me...

  • Afternoons At The Library

    Afternoons At The Library

    Hey guys! It’s me Wyndham and all I halfta say is that any afternoon at the library is time well spent. Pass it on and keep the visits comin’ for 2014. (You hear that mom and dad?)

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Oh Christmas Tree

    Abby here! I had a blast cutting down our tree you guys! Well, technically my dad and his friend Mike did, whateves. My mama took forever picking one out, but where there’s wagon rides and hot chocolate, that’s where I’ll be!

  • Christmas 2013

    This was my best Christmas. Wyndham really likes Santa and I don’t. No way. But I do like twirly, pouffy party dresses and hugging my brother, so.

    See all of our holiday adventures here!

  • Yet even More Christmas 2013

    Yet even More Christmas 2013

    Wyndham again. I told you guys this year was awesome. We did so many fun things. My two most favourite memories are seeing the movie Frozen, (we’ve seen it 3 times so far!) Riding the train to the North Pole and Christmas Eve when we went to big party and did fun stuff at home. We got to wear new Mickey and Minnie jammies and stay up late and make cookies and leave some out for Santa with milk. Oh and of course carrots for the reindeer.

  • Big Accomplishments

    Big Accomplishments

    This year I started goin’ to the bathroom on the potty like a big girl just like my brother and we got bunk beds! I’m on the bottom and Wyndham is on top, but I like to go up there allllll the time. It makes my mama nervous or something. Whateves. I’m a big fan of the treats we get when we do a good job at stuff like not fighting at bedtime and using the potty. Sometimes we get popcorn, sometimes my mama bakes cookies. Anyways, it was a pretty great year, all in all!

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