25 Short Baby Names for Boys

We’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows when we’ve said our son’s name is just Beck. “No Beckett? Or Beckham?” I get asked. But I like the short and sweet versions of names, especially because our last name, Blodgett, isn’t always the most friendly when pairing it with a first name. If you have a long last name and are expecting a boy, you might be looking for short boy names too. That is where this list of short boy names comes in. I think you’ll like them.

  • Grant


    Grant originates from a nickname for a tall person. I had no idea!

  • Dash


    If you want a more formal name, go with Dashiell.

  • Max


    I was surprised to learn that Max hasn’t broken the top 100 in the US. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Knox


    I love the name Knox (I think of Dead Poet’s Society) but it’s too harsh with our last name. Passing it onto someone else to use.

  • Abe


    A shortened form of Abraham, Abe is less stuffy and more hip.

  • Mack


    Mack hasn’t hit the top 100 since 1900 but I predict that changing in the near future.

  • Jack


    How did John get to Jack? It went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to Jack.

  • Zane


    The name of one of my nephews, I like the happy vibe of the name Zane.

  • Kai


    My nephew’s name is Kirye but is called Kai. I thought it was strange at first but now hear Kai on a regular basis.

  • Van


    I associated this name with older men but when a friend chose it for her little boy, I can’t help but love it since I associate it with his cute face.

  • Clark


    Clark hit its popularity peak in 1881 but has been on a steady rise in the last few years.

  • Sam


    Another biblical name where the shortened version has risen in popularity recently.

  • Jude


    This is one of those names that I love but my husband vetoed. I thought I could convince him because of the Beatles but so far no luck.

  • George


    A classic name that saw a bump in popularity with the birth of Prince George this summer.

  • Finn


    I’m hearing Finn or forms of it (Finley, Finnegan) more often lately. It’s on a steady rise in the US.

  • Jet


    I have yet to hear an actual child named this but wouldn’t be surprised to hear it on the playground soon.

  • Cole


    Cole currently ranks at #102 in popularity.

  • Blake


    Blake is a good example of a known name that you don’t hear so often you get tired of it.

  • Tate


    The meaning of Tate is cheerful. I love that.

  • Nate


    I have a good association with this because of a friend with the name. I prefer that over someone you don’t like ruining the name.

  • Beck


    Beck fits into the last name as a first category and has never been listed in the top 1000 in popularity. Different without being made up.

  • Hank


    Mostly known for a nickname for Henry, Hank is now being used more often on its own.

  • Luke


    A biblical name that to me, never goes out of style.

  • Ike


    With the rise of the name Isaac, you maybe hearing the shortened form of Ike more often.

  • Paul


    Although simple, I’m a fan since this is my grandfather’s name. Maybe for a future child’s middle name.

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