She’s Growing Up: 3 Things I Wish Did More of in the Last 21 Months

I’ve never been particular about the gender of my kids. I just wanted healthy children. When I got pregnant with my daughter, it seemed like everyone assumed I wanted a girl because I already had a boy. I actually didn’t, though. I just wanted a healthy child. When Jada entered our world in October of 2012, her gender was the least of my concerns. I was just thrilled that she was healthy and here.

As the months progressed, I tried my best to cherish my moments with her. Experience had taught me that those early months fly by so quickly. I wanted to make sure that none of those special moments slipped away. I think I did my best, but now that she is walking and talking and telling me “no” all day, I have to admit that there are some moments I wish I could recreate—things that I wish I did more of.

Babies are so precious, and despite the fatigue any mom experiences, the magic that comes with parenting is priceless. In our fast-paced world, we can easily let moments escape us—without even realizing it. The awesome news, however, is that we can always create new moments with our babies. Sure, we can’t go back in time, but moving forward we can cherish every happy, crazy bit of what motherhood offers.

Here are a few things I wish I did more of in the last 21 months.


Take more pictures and videos. I don’t know if this is true for all parents, but I know my experience is common because many of my friends have expressed the same regret. When my son was born, we took pictures every single day and made videos quite often. When our second child came along, every day turned into every other day… and then every week. When you have more than one child to care for, capturing the tiny moments can slip away because you are just so busy. Although I have plenty of pictures and videos of Jada, I do wish I would have taken more.

Spend more time with her alone. I was alone with my son for about 18 months. I quit my job, and we just enjoyed life together for 18 whole months. Our family circumstances were different when Jada arrived, and I had to return to work after 4 months. I was crushed. And, when I was with her, we were never alone because, of course, my son needed to spend quality time with me as well. Now don’t get me wrong, those moments with both of them are simply magical. However, I have to admit that some days I feel like Jada got the short end of the stick because we didn’t get that one-on-one bonding time that I had with her brother. I wish I would have made more of an effort to find spurts of time where it could just be the two of us, because the bond between a girl and her mother is so special.

Go for more walks. Walking is a great opportunity to relax and connect with someone you love. It’s great exercise for moms, and babies truly enjoy that stroller time. When they are tiny, the fresh air just helps them to relax and they often fall asleep. As they get older, their curiosity kicks in and your find yourself talking about birds and trees. Walking together is a wonderful thing. I truly wish I did a better job of working it into our lives over the last few months.

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