Sharing Hayden’s 10-Month Birthday with Story

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll meekly say it again: I’m the worst at remembering to take photos of Hayden on his monthly birthdays.  And jotting down all those important milestones when he achieves them?  Not great at that either.  But ever since Disney created their new, free app called Story, it’s been a lot more fun to document monthly birthdays and neat little milestones.  Since my camera phone is usually always on me, I can easily and quickly snap photos when I need to, and the Disney Story app makes it super simple for me to tell the story and share it with family and friends.  I just created a story of our impromptu 10-month birthday photo shoot and I promptly sent it off to my husband and the grandparents.  Take a look at my latest Story of Hayden’s 10-month birthday!

If you enjoy the look and layout of Disney Story, you can download it for free in the iTunes store, and you can follow Disney Story on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the progress of this very cool app. I’ll be back later in the week to also share a quick tutorial on how easy the app is to use.

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