Nursery Tour: 8 Photos Inside a Cozy Shared Space

I am really excited to share with you a beautiful shared space. My friend and blogger, Shaynah of Pirates and Peonies, has shared her space many times on her ever-so-popular Instagram — and I wanted to share the details with you. It’s such an inspiring place for those who might not have room for baby.


Shaynah was at her limit with space with two kids and two bedrooms but knew her family wasn’t complete. Not wanting to change their current living situation, they didn’t want to restrict growing their family either. So, they welcomed a third little boy knowing they would have to share a room with the baby. Making it the most stylish shared space I have ever seen — everything has its place, and the color scheme is just perfect. I literally swooned over all of the pictures she shared and couldn’t wait to share them with all of you! If you are preparing for sharing a space with your baby — Shaynah has plenty of inspirational ideas that make sharing a space not so bad after all. Need more details? Check out all the details on her nursery here to get her look.

Click through Shaynah’s beautiful shared space with her sweet boy. 

  • Take A Peek Inside

    Take A Peek Inside

    Shaynah didn’t want their room to lack character just because a baby was sharing their space. “We wanted him to bring his own personality to our room and have it flow with our pre-existing life. Keeping the color scheme flowing between our colliding decor was a huge part of making it work together. I, for the most part, kept it monochromatic with subtle pops of color that can be intermixed and changed in and out when I feel like it.”

  • Finding the Perfect Crib

    Finding the Perfect Crib

    This shared space started with a hunt for a crib that would work with their restricted dimensions. Fitting snug next to their bed and takes up minimal space it, by far, was the biggest factor in making this arrangement work!

  • Beautiful Styled

    Beautiful Styled

    Even the end table is shared with beautiful pieces of hers and things she shares with her boys.

  • Love....


    I just love how throughout the room it’s such a mix of momma + baby.

  • Create A Corner

    Create A Corner

    Shaynah gave us some great tips too. “I think a child always needs a quirky item or two and I searched hard for things that also had a bit of nostalgia to them, but yet they had to look charming enough for an adults space, too. I was very aware that I couldn’t buy him a lot of things due to lack of storage options, so instead I sought out some unique pieces to bring his part of the room to life! Buying some special items really made me feel more at ease that we didn’t have a space of his own to give him, and those items are really what made this room my favorite space!”

  • Storage


    Look for storage that you can use anywhere in your home to make the look more not-so-baby. I love how she styles the wooden crate. Adding garland is such a cute idea!

  • Defines Cozy

    Defines Cozy

    I really feel like her space just defines cozy. It might be a shared space but it just looks like a place you’ll always want to spend time and enjoy those special moments with baby.

  • How Cute is Wrennyn!

    How Cute is Wrennyn!

    Isn’t he the cutest? Shaynah says — “I am so glad we didn’t give up on adding to our family just because of space restrictions. We are so grateful to have found a way that made it work for our family. Wrennyn is now 1 and happily rips my books off of our shared shelf. One day he will have his own space, but for now I treasure the intimate moments of having him right by my side.”

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