Share Your Celebration | A 1st Birthday Concert in the Park

As I previously shared with you it took me a minute to realize that the photos below were sheer perfection. Although they didn’t get every single detail they got the ones that mattered, the ones I never want to forget. Once I stopped fretting over the lack of photos of the décor I was able to immerse myself in the details that were captured, special moments like her face as she looked up at nibbles and alter as she tasted her very own cake. As I looked at the pictures from Lola’s birthday my faced mirrored the one of me in the pictures. I was all smiles and filled with gratitude.

For Lola’s birthday we opted to do a concert in the park theme. Given how much she loved (and still loves) music it seemed fitting. We reserved a picnic pavilion at the park and put up a canopy. Underneath I put blankets and instruments where the children would later play music. Since it was Lola’s birthday I decided to focus more on her and the children her age. Since it was at a park the big kids had plenty to do. I also brought along balls and hula-hoops but as it would turn out they also enjoyed the music.


We had fruit pouches and puffs and cookies for the little ones as well as fresh fruit, juice boxes, sparkling juice and water. And to make things easy we made arrangements for a taco cart. That ensured there was plenty of food, not so much prep for us, and no leftovers to take home. The best part for me was the fact that Lola had so much fun. The few activities we engaged in were just enough for her such as music with beanbags and egg shakers and bubbles. Initially I was concerned that Lola would become irritable or cry because everyone wanted to hold her but she happily ate rice, beans and some fruit and her happy demeanor ensured that she was indeed the life of the party. Take a look at some photos from Lola’s first birthday.

  • Happy Birthday Baby!

    Happy Birthday Baby!

    For Lola’s 1st birthday we had a “concert in the park.” Take a look at a few photos from her special day!

  • Picture frames as table decor

    Picture frames as table decor

    I purchased these wooden frames for one dollar each and decorated them with washi tape and numbers. I had one for each month. It was amazing to see how much Lola has grown and changed over the course of just one year.

  • Music note banners

    Music note banners

    I also made several music note garlands using stickers and music notes from a teacher supply store.

  • Corkboard display

    Corkboard display

    I put our custom flyers (made by MoulageCollection via Etsy) and some photos on a corkboard for display.

  • Fruit and snack table

    Fruit and snack table

    This is before everything was set up. We brought in a taco cart which is always a hit at parties. It meant we didn’t have to do much cooking beforehand (nor did my husband have to spend the party grilling) or bring as much with us to the park. I had some juice boxes, fruit pouches and finger snacks for little hands as well as fresh fruit.

  • The cake table

    The cake table

    The cake table featured a poster of Lola’s favorite things by Moulage Collection, an assortment of instruments , a book for everyone to sign and other details (I even reused the letters from my baby shower!).

  • The birthday cake

    The birthday cake

    This was one of two cakes. Lola had her own little one perfect for tiny fingers.

  • Crayons


    Some of the tables were covered in kraft paper. We placed a jar of crayons on one of them just in case the little ones wanted to color.

  • Joy


    If you are curious as to what joy looks like here it is. Lola somehow got a hold of one of the toys for the bigger kids and her balloon.

  • Bubbles


    Lola and the other children all had so much fun playing in the bubbles.

  • Strumming


    Lola and all of the children got a chance to play the guitar.

  • Music time

    Music time

    Our oldest daughter’s music teacher led a “music class” for the children. The bigger children chanted “music class” and all of the children clapped and cheered with excitement. They danced, played with shakers and beanbags and sang songs. It was a fun way to bring all of the children together and all of us parents had fun watching and singing alongside our littles.

  • Making music

    Making music

    The egg shakers were a hit with the babies (and the big kids)!

  • Happy


    These are the details I am so grateful to have captured. Those eyes wide with wonder.

  • CAKE!


    Lola tasting the icing on the cake.

  • Our family

    Our family

    A family photo.

A special thank you to our cousin Rakeem for capturing the details of Lola’s birthday so beautifully. You can see more photos from Lola’s birthday as well as obtain vendor information on my blog His Mrs. Her Mr. If you have a special celebration you’d like to share with us please contact me at Happy celebrating!

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