7 Reasons I Love a Booster Seat

At Christmas, we bought our one-year-old a booster seat so she could sit at the table with us. She LOVED it and mealtime immediately became a much happier time for all of us.

Here are seven reasons I’m a huge fan:

  1. It makes her feel like she’s part of the meal. When she was in a high chair, she didn’t like that she was away from the main action (it didn’t help that our high chair was table height, but our table is one of those tall tables so she was several inches below us).
  2. She doesn’t try to get out. By the time we transitioned to a booster seat, she was really trying to escape the high chair, but with a booster seat, she’s happy to sit up there and isn’t scaring me with her Houdini attempts.
  3. Being restrained keeps her happier. With our older daughter, we went straight from a high chair to sitting at the table, but our younger daughter is happier being buckled in. If she’s getting cranky before dinner, I just strap her in and she’s happy to be able to see everything going on around her.
  4. I can choose to use the tray or not. I love that I can use the tray (great for a quick snack) or I can set her a place at the table and forgo the tray and push her right up to the table.
  5. It doesn’t take up floor space in the kitchen. I love that I don’t need to make room in my kitchen for a high chair.
  6. It’s easy to take along. If we’re going to dinner somewhere that doesn’t have high chairs, I can just fold it up, toss it in the car, and she has a cozy seat wherever we go.
  7. It’s simple to clean up. Because it’s all plastic, I can wipe down ANYTHING or, when things really get messy, just stick the whole thing under the faucet (and the tray is dishwasher safe. Win!).
Minnie Mouse and Cars Booster Seats available from Disney Baby! 
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