That Moment When Baby Takes His First Selfie

Our son recently realized that the baby staring back at him from our phones was…. HIM! When he did, it was pretty much the most hilarious thing we’d ever seen. He sat for a long time making funny faces at himself for about five minutes straight while we captured it all to show his future girlfriends.

Here’s a sample of some of his first selfies! Do you have any of your own?

  • Surprised Selfie

    Surprised Selfie

    The selfie that says, “Man, look at that good looking baby in there… oh wait… that baby is ME!”

  • Up The Nose Selfie

    Up The Nose Selfie

    Not the most flattering of angles but the up the nose selfie shot is still one for the record books.

  • Duck Face Selfie

    Duck Face Selfie

    And, last but not least, no selfie collection would be complete without a duck faced selfie. Bravo, little man.

  • Shy Selfie

    Shy Selfie

    Not all selfies need to be goofy or brimming with bravado. Sometimes the shy selfie is all you need.

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