My Baby ONLY Wants to Feed Herself

So I have a problem. Well, not so much a problem, especially since I am to blame. We started baby-led weaning Little L and encouraging her to eat on her own. Which was great and a big help to me, especially when feeding another child at the same time. I also wanted her to experience food for herself and not wait for the spoon to mouth every night.

Well, my wish came true. NOW, she will not — I repeat, WILL NOT let anyone feed her.

She will only feed herself, even grabbing the spoon and putting it in her own mouth. She spits food out that you feed her, then picks it up and eats it on her own. It’s super cute and we are so happy that at 8 months she can feed herself and have almost the same foods as us — however the only issue is that this leads to a MASSIVE mess!

I’m talking food all over the floor, her hair, her face, down her shirt — and it means going from the high chair to the bath every single night. The bathtub ends up with broccoli and beans floating beside her, and if I don’t see them right away, they stick to the side of the tub and then I see them when I’m taking a shower. Ha!

Has your baby begun to eat on their own? Do you let them be or spoon feed them yourself?

  • Getting dinner started

    Getting dinner started

    Little L enjoying lentil stew with sweet potatoes. She enjoys feeling the texture then bringing it to her mouth. Downside — a HUGE caca the next day!

  • Forget the bottle, she wants a cup!

    Forget the bottle, she wants a cup!

    I give her a sippy cup to play with. She’s not having much out of it, but she knows that it is part of her lunch and dinner routine. Today she threw it clear across the room and it opened. So watch out!

  • Getting a feel for it

    Getting a feel for it

    Texture and getting to know food is super important for babies. Before anything goes into her mouth, she massages it between her hands and rubs it all over! Toast and avocado are great for little ones to begin learning to chew and is easy to eat.

  • Dinnertime fun

    Dinnertime fun

    She loves dinnertime! I can see her face light up when I sit her in the chair and give her food. Another recipe to try is a bean-and-veggie stew — easy for baby to eat, chew and swallow. Although, this does come with a very messy diaper warning!

  • Milk coma

    Milk coma

    This is how our mealtimes usually end, but this one is a very clean version — especially after having cheerios, toast and milk. Think she’s had enough?


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