Moving with a Toddler? Here Are Some Secrets to Save Your Sanity

Moving is a tedious task. I would know, seeing as how I’ve moved over 20 times in my life. I try to look at it in a positive way. I get a chance to purge a lot of items I don’t use and donate them to people in need — but it still seems to take forever to get everything packed and unpacked.

When I moved this week, I made sure to have a specific strategy so that it wouldn’t be overly complicated to move with a toddler. Here is what worked for me:

Set up the kids’ room first, before anything else. This is especially important, so they have an area all their own to relax in while you’re moving boxes in and out — or while you unpack and don’t want to have any tiny hands “helping” you.

Remember to have a baby gate on hand (not packed up and inaccessible) so that your crawling baby or newly walking toddler can’t get out of their room easily and get into anything. It is also a necessity if you have stairs!

Don’t pack up the Pull-Ups or diapers. Keep those on hand! The last thing you want to do is to have to rummage through boxes to find diapers.


Keep a snack basket handy in the car and in the kitchen. This way, you don’t have to put your little one in the car to run and get food when they say they are hungry. My Bentley LOVES to eat, so I always need an arsenal of food on hand! And keep a sippy cup on hand as well. It’s especially important to pick a no-spill cup. No one wants apple juice all over the carpet of their new home, am I right?!

Sometimes it is best to just not have your little one around during the day when you unpack. That way you can focus on getting things done and your little one won’t feel neglected. So call up the grandparents or a friend from church and see if they can keep your baby during the daytime for a couple of days.

Make sure your child has familiar items in his or her new room. This has always helped my boys to adjust to a new home. And using super comfy bedding in the crib, or on their toddler beds, helps them to feel comfortable in a new environment. It’s like mixing the familiar with the new.

Be sure to keep bath toys easily accessible when you move. You’ll want your little one to enjoy their very first bath in their new home!

Pack a suitcase filled with a week’s worth of outfits for your child. I always do this for my boys, even if it’s a local move. That way, I’m not going through boxes to find the right clothes for us. It takes away a lot of stress because you won’t have as much pressure to unpack all the clothing items for your family. Be sure to pack comfy pajamas too! I totally mom-failed and forgot to pack the boys Mickey Mouse pajamas and each night they kept asking for them. Oops!

I know moving can be stressful but hopefully you can make it a bit smoother with these simple techniques. Do you have any moving advice for moms of babies and toddlers? Be sure to comment and let me know! I love to hear advice from my fellow supermoms!

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