15 Things I’d Forgotten About Newborns

“I got this,” I kept saying to myself when nearing my due date with my second baby.

I already knew about all the sleep I wouldn’t get, the poopy diapers I would have to battle, the loud late night crying I would have to endure, and the day to day hardships of managing the home and taking care of a newborn.

Except this time, there was a 4-year-old added to the mix — and THAT scared me. How would I manage it all?

Naturally it was tough in the beginning and I’m still finding my way, but what surprised me most of all is that despite knowing what was coming, I had actually forgotten what being a mommy of a newborn was really like. Oh my my — what a shock to the system!


Here are few things that had slipped my mind:

  1. Babies are small — very small.
  2. Babies have a kung fu grip — hair must be pulled back and forget wearing any jewelry.
  3. You and the baby smell musty and milky — all of the time.
  4. They cry. Loudly.
  5. They want milk. Lots and lots of milk!
  6. Short fingernails are essential — poo and cream get under them and easily scratch baby.
  7. Baby’s fingernails must be kept short — those tiny nails are like mini razor blades on your skin!
  8. Packing the diaper bag is as much work as packing to go away for a weekend.
  9. Newborn laundry is neverending.
  10. Newborn smell is absolutely heavenly.
  11. They are mesmerizing – you could easily spend hours staring at them.
  12. Babies are amazingly cuddly and warm!
  13. Babies love you unconditionally.
  14. You can’t stop kissing them!
  15. Without a doubt, being a mommy is the toughest yet the most amazing job in the world. End of.

Is there anything you had forgotten about being a mommy to a newborn?

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