The Excitement of Your Second Baby’s Milestones

I wondered if my second child learning new skills and reaching developmental milestones could possibly be as thrilling as my first child’s achievements.

After all, I’d already seen a baby learn to crawl. And walk. And clap.

But, as Ani reaches the age where she’s really picking up skills quickly now, I’m amazed to see that I love it just as much the second time around. That look of excitement, pride and a little hint of terror never gets old. Watching a baby’s world open up with movement, communication, and general interaction couldn’t be more exciting.

And, in fact, in some ways it’s even more delightful because this time my toddler is over the moon about watching her little sister wave or sit up or take her first steps.

These new developments have been so fun, I can only imagine how thrilling it will be someday with a third child, who will have two big sisters to watch every new trick.

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