Savoring the Precious Moments of Pregnancy

Our lives have become quite busy nowadays. When people ask us, “How are you?” our general response is, “Busy.”
How do we slow down though? How do we take time to realize all thSavoring the Momente good that is going on around us?
Sometimes, all it takes is a special moment. One that catches you off guard and opens your eyes.
I am more than halfway through my second pregnancy and time has been moving fast. I feel like these 25 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye.
The first time I was pregnant, all I did was eat, sleep and breathe pregnancy. It consumed me. This second time, there is already a little person running around and demanding most of my attention. There isn’t much time to sit around and process all of the change about to happen.

It hit me the other day, though. I wasn’t expecting it, but in a quiet, unexpected moment I finally let it sink in that we are about to have two wonderful and amazing little ones.

I don’t normally lay down to take a nap with my daughter, but for some reason, I did that day. I laid there beside her as the warm afternoon A Quiet Momentsun filled the room. With her eyes closed, my daughter Rowan stretched out her hand and pushed it under my neck. She was half asleep but I could feel her little fingers stroking my hair and the back of my neck.

At the same moment, I could feel the baby kicking around inside. Swimming around in her perfect pool. I don’t know why it struck me as so profound, but in that moment I have never felt so much motherly love flood over me. These were my two girls.

I know life will continue to be busy, but I hope that moments like these will help me reflect and remember to savor the preciousness of it all. This one will be one I hope to remember all my life.

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