Saving Bathtime

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Water Squirtees for free.

Bee has a love/hate relationship with bathtime, as she’s just young enough to enjoy the splashes and suds, but just old enough to understand that bathtime signals nighttime (of which Bee is not at all a fan). This means I spend a fair amount of time crossing my fingers during the minutes leading up to her evening bath: Will tonight be a good night or a bad night? A bath of belly laughter or of kick-filled tantrums?

bee's bath time

For days, nothing seemed to make the tantrums subside. We tried everything: snacks, toys, stacking cups, music, bubbles. And then, miraculously, these Minnie Mouse Water Squirtees arrived at my door – a surefire message from God that bathtime kicking would be no more. I was skeptical because we had tried squirtee toys, but of course, there’s just something persuasive about Minne Mouse that causes tiny toddlers and adoring fans to shape up, am I right?

That night, I held my breath as I filled Bee’s bath, explaining to her that she’d get to play with some new friends in the tub. As I opened the package, her eyes filled with delight and she crawled into the tub. She was ready for a bath of belly laughter, no tantrums in sight…

There truly is something magical about those mice. Thanks for saving bathtime, Disney!

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