6 Toys That Keep Little Ones Mesmerized

This past weekend, we were invited to a wonderful housewarming party for some friends. Even with a smorgasbord of delicious Southern style food, a perfect neighborhood setting, and a great group of new friends with young kids, it was Mickey and his Plane Ride-on toy that really stole the show.

See it and other perfect toys for your next get-together!

One family brought their Mickey Plane Ride-on Toy to keep their child happy. Instead, it kept every child at the party busy and entertained nearly the whole time. None of us other families had seen the toy before, and as soon as they rolled it out, it was a hit! With bright lights, a moving propeller, music, a seat, and push handle, the kids actually spent time pushing each other around the backyard. Talk about a photo op! It also was a great toy to help teach them a bit about sharing and teamwork.

With our little guy not quite walking yet — we didn’t think to bring a toy to the party. We are so glad that someone did, because it made all the difference! It’s a great idea when heading to a gathering with lots of kids around. Utilizing the toys in your house and bringing them out to share can give other parents great ideas for their own kids, and you get to watch them grow as they play together.

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