Diaper Bag Roadtrip Must-Haves!

Jon and I are about to hit the road with Soren for a vacation in the mountains. We are so excited to take Soren on his first trip and share this experience together! Of course, we have the challenge of packing for a little one. Below is a list of my must-haves for our diaper bag during a road-trip. :)

I like my diaper bag and purse to be “all-in-one” so some of these items are for mommy! I put what we need for the road in the diaper bag and everything else in our suitcase.


* 5-6 Diapers
* Pack of Wipes
* Fold-Out Changing Pad
* Pacifier & Holder
* Extra Onesie, Socks and Pants just in case we have a “poopy” accident. ;)
* Mess Cloth
* Wet Bag
* Light Blankie for Nursing
* Nursing Pads
* 2 Different Toys/Teethers
* Ziplock for Dirty Diapers
* Hand Lotion
* Chapstick
* Sunglasses
* Camera
* Phone
* Sanitizer
* Snacks for Mom & Dad!
* Small Clutch in case we want to run into eat and don’t want to bring the whole bag.

Since Soren is nursing we don’t have to include extra bottles or food for him which makes the bag a little lighter. Also, my FAVORITE types of diaper bags are a stiff “stand-up” bags with divider inserts so you can easily access and see everything in your bag. A lot of trendy camera/work bags can be used as diaper bags and are great!

What are some of your “must-have” diaper bag picks?

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