Retro Chic 1960s Baby Names

It’s no secret that I love a good throwback name. My own daughter’s name is often referenced as a “little old lady name,” so apparently I’m into them. A retro name can be a good way to give your little one a name that is unique, but not weird… there really is a fine line. The 1960s are a great place to start if you’re looking for something that hasn’t become trendy yet. Many of these names have been off the radar for some time now, but I think that’s all the more reason that they’re perfect — a good way to stay ahead of the baby naming trends!

  • 1960's Baby Names

    1960's Baby Names

    A lovely list of baby names from a bygone era.

  • Penny


    Even though this name has a super sweet, undeniably “little girl” feel to it, I think it could still grow with a child. I also like the idea of shortening it to “Pen” as a nickname.

  • Franklin


    I was surprised to see this name on the Social Security’s list of top 100 names from 1960’s, since it doesn’t feel particularly midcentury to me, but perhaps it was the long version of Frank or Frankie which were also popular.

  • Kent


    I love the name Kent. It’s a much more unique alternative to many of the ever-popular, short-syllable, strong boy’s name (think: “Jack”).

  • Jane


    I think the name Jane is one of those great undiscovered names for little girls. Although it’s been around for ages, it has a strong and likable quality to it that could cause it to spike in popularity once again. I really like this one.

  • Loretta


    The namesake of popular 1960’s country music singer Loretta Lynn. I must admit I’m kind of in love with this name. If my name wasn’t already so close (“Lauren”) I’d totally use it for a future little one – at least as a middle name!

  • Ruth


    Ruth has a very sweet, “little old lady” feel to it, but it’s definitely making a comeback. Using “Ruthie” as a nickname makes it feel fresh again as well.

  • Bonnie


    This name’s 1960’s popularity was likely a result of the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”, but hasn’t seen much love as of late. I think it makes a fun and unexpected baby name.

  • Annette


    The moniker of beloved Mouseketeer Annette Funicello – this is one of my favorites.

  • Trudy


    This would be perfect for a quirky little girl.

  • Guy


    In the top 100 baby names from the 1960’s according to Social Security, Guy is a name that would definitely catch people off-guard for it’s relative obscurity, but you could grow to love it.

  • Doris


    This name was likely made popular by film star Doris Day who was the top box office star for years during the early 1960’s and I think it’s sweet. According to Nameberry, this name has been so long out of favor that it is highly unlikely that it will ever come back into trend, but I have to disagree. I consider this name to be much in the same vein as current baby names coming back into fashion: Dora, Pearl and Ruth.

  • Glenn


    This name hasn’t yet reached cool status again as of yet, but because of everyone’s love of all names nature-inspired, it’s possible that this name could still make a comeback!

  • Margaret


    Margaret is a true classic, meaning “pearl” and a favorite name throughout the ages. It has undergone times of being less favored, but is currently on the upswing in popularity.

  • Dorothy


    This name is definitely off the radar if you’re on the hunt for something truly unique. I like the idea of using “Dot” as a nickname.

  • Stuart


    Stuart has never been super popular aside from its rise during the 60’s, so perhaps it’s time for a comeback?

  • Alice


    This is the middle name of my husband’s grandmother and was one we considered as a middle name for our daughter, although unfortunately it didn’t flow very well. I’m definitely a fan though.

  • Rose


    Flower names are definitely popular right now and Rose is definitely a classic option.

  • Eugene


    Eugene or Gene for short would make a nice and nostalgic name for a little boy.

  • Betty


    Short for Elizabeth, this one is actually my grandmother’s name and I think it’s pretty cute for a little girl.

  • Ellen


    Definition: “bright, shining one”. LOVE.

  • Eileen


    Aside from all the sung renditions of “Come on Eileen” your child would undergo, this name has potential. I might consider using this name as a springboard and opting for something a little more unexpected like “Eilee” (eye-lee).

  • Vernon


    While this was actually a popular boy’s name in the 1960’s, I think it’s much more fresh as a girl’s name.

  • Gilbert


    This name is on the cusp of a resurgence in popularity, but not quite there yet. I love that it has so many potential nicknames: Gil, Gib, Gibby, Bert…

  • Frances


    I adore the name Frances and even considered it as a middle name at one point. It has cute nickname potential as “Franny” too.

  • Alvin


    I’ll admit that Alvin has a bit of a “nerdy” rep, but there’s no denying that it saw it’s day in popularity during the midcentury era.

  • Peggy


    With vintage baby names on the rise, this may be one to keep on your list. It could turn out to be one of those rare gems.

  • Wendy


    For those looking for an upbeat baby name this would definitely fit the bill.

  • Melvin


    Another one of those names that gets a bad reputation. I think it could definitely be cool again though.

  • Barry


    I’m not really sure I can see this name making much of a comeback for a boy, but for a girl? Definite potential.

  • Bobby


    the epitome of midcentury nicknames (short for Robert), it’s definitely gotten a lot of use, but perhaps it could make a cute comeback. People are into all things ironic, so why not a nickname?

  • Jeanne


    The names Jean and Jeanne (same name, different spellings) were each on the top 100 popular list during the 1960’s according to Social Security’s records.

  • Sally


    This is one name that I really do hope makes a comeback.

  • Judy


    The name of the lovely Miss Garland, this name is a throwback to a bygone era, but still so lovely.

  • Frank


    For some reason I just like Frank…or Frankie. Actually, Frankie would be really cute for a girl.

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