Reminiscing on the Day of Little L’s First Birthday

I woke up on the morning of the 29th, walked into Little L’s room and had a flashback to my hospital room one year ago. I didn’t think I’d be so reminiscent of those few days before and after giving birth, but I was.

I spent the entire day going in and out of daydreams about my labor. Every birth story is different and mine certainly wasn’t what I had planned! For starters my husband was away on business when I was unexpectedly taken to labor and delivery after going in for one of my last checkups. Her heart rate was low and my blood pressure was up — it was time for Little L to arrive.


A mix of emotions came over me, one that my husband would not be back in time to see his daughter being born or more importantly that he wouldn’t be there for me! In the end, we had a “Google Hangout” birth and he watched from Johannesburg Airport in South Africa. Now that’s a story we will be telling Little L for the rest of her days.

Back to the day of her first birthday, I just kept staring at her and every chance we got my son and I would sing “Happy Birthday” to her and she would start to dance.

What can I say, my girl is ONE. That’s it….she’s ONE. That chubby baby has filled our lives with so much happiness and joy (and maybe very little sleep, but I’m trying to stay positive here!) a feeling I was afraid of not having at first — I didn’t know how I could love another child so much as I do my son, but you can and it’s intense.

Her first birthday was a normal day for her…milk, play, poop, nap and repeat. But for us, her family that loves her we remembered that day last year and made sure to give her extra kisses and hugs.

¡Te quiero mi niña!


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