Remembering Baby’s First Christmas


When I think back on my life, there are only a handful of days that rank up to perfect. Without a doubt, the day I got married and the days my daughters were born were some of the best days I’ve ever had.

But right up there with them is my first baby’s first Christmas. It was the Christmas of 2010. My daughter was not quite 2 months old. Christmas Eve brought with it the most beautiful snow. Everything was delicately coated in white, and there was no wind, leaving the trees gorgeously outlined for us to admire.

Because we were traveling on Christmas morning, we decided to celebrate our Christmas the morning of Christmas Eve. My husband and I, with our new baby daughter, sat beneath the tree and opened our gifts, sipping warm peppermint coffee and soaking in the magic of our very first Christmas as a family of three. We opened the special gifts we had gotten our daughter, showing her the new treasures that were just for her. Of course, she didn’t know what was going on. But her cooing and little leg kicks were enough to fill our hearts completely up with love.

That first Christmas will always be one of the best and most wonderful days of my life!

To all of you moms and dads about to experience your very first Christmas with your little one, I wish you the best! Enjoy every moment and cherish it in your heart the rest of your life…

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