(Refined) Sugar- & Gluten-Free Halloween Treats!

I’ve made it a personal mission in our home to eat as local as we can; as healthy as we can, without going on any fad diets or sacrificing on taste. We love food around here and I’m a self-confessed traditional food junkie. Traditional as in getting back to the roots of delicious, REAL food.

Which is why I don’t think that Halloween has to mean denying our little ones of some delicious treats, especially when there are ways to make them without all of the sugar and empty white carbs! I’ve put together some of my favourite recipes and a couple of my own, from my family to yours! Whether you’re celebrating your baby’s 1st Halloween or if you have more than one crawling and/or toddling about, these are the treats that you can feel good about letting them indulge in, yourself included. (Stage 3 eaters and up.)

Have a happy, safe, delicious and most importantly magical Halloween!


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