6 Reasons to Love Baby ECOS


This month, I had the honor of speaking at a blogger breakfast held by Baby ECOS at Discovery Cube Orange County. It was a beautiful event. The breakfast was delicious and I met some inspiring and gracious women. We learned about the Baby ECOS brand and met a few of the friendly and knowledgeable faces behind it. Not to mention, each of us walked away with some wonderful products — items that will become staples in many of our homes.

But that wasn’t all I left with; I left with gratitude and a new friendship. I was thankful for this amazing opportunity to be given a platform to share my heart, in hopes to make a difference somehow. I appreciated the gentle push that speaking gave me – reminding me that sometimes the greatest adventures and gifts lie just beyond my comfort zone. And I was glad for the opportunity to represent Disney Baby while working with a company that values so many of the things that I hold dear and, at the same time, inspires me to continue in my quest to make small changes in my home that will ultimately make big differences in the lives of my loved ones.

Here are 6 reasons why I love Baby ECOS:

1. They see value in every human being and our planet – Not only was this demonstrated in the variety of bloggers present at the breakfast, bloggers who were encouraged to bring their families along to eat and have fun at the museum and later share their stories, but also in the fact that they afforded me the opportunity to be the keynote speaker. The reality is, I’m not a “big blogger” – drop my name at a blogging event and the response you will get is likely to be “who?” But in doing this event, it was reiterated for me that regardless of my stats, what I had to say was just as worthy of sharing. Another way this was demonstrated was in the fact that they create products that are natural – safe for our planet and the people (and animals) that call it home.

2. Family is at the heart of who they are – My favorite thing about Baby ECOS is the fact that they value family. After all, they are a family and have been around for 40 years. They know how much we as parents love our babies (even when they technically aren’t babies) and they make products that are free of toxins. As a mother it’s important to me to create a home where my children are free to play and learn and grow, and safe natural cleaning products help me in my ongoing quest to do so.

3. Accessibility – One of the challenges I’ve found with natural cleaning products is that they can sometimes be costly and not always easy to find. Many parents desire to provide their family with safer healthy alternatives but worry that they simply can’t afford it. Available in select stores and online and reasonably priced, Baby ECOS has made natural cleaning products within reach for countless parents which means we mamas can have one less thing to worry about.

4. They’ve got the staples – They graciously sent me home with some products to use and they’re all great. Gone are the days when you open up your cabinets only to have a couple dozen products spill out onto the floor. While there is so much goodness to come from the Baby ECOS brand, they’ve got all of the essentials, items like:

  • Toy & Table Cleaner
  • Here & There Cleaner
  • Bottle & Dish Wash
  • Stain & Odor Remover
  • Laundry Detergent (they even have a scented option — Lavender & Chamomile!)

We don’t need two dozen products to keep our home clean and toxin free. We simply need a few great products and they have created them. Best of all they’ve got nothing to hide. Read the labels and easily view the plant-based products thanks to their transparent (yet cute) packaging.

5. They’ve partnered with the best – Recognize some favorite friends from your childhood, friends who your own children have come to love? I often refer to my time as a blogger for Disney Baby as a gift. It has helped me to slow down and dance in the magic childhood. The staff behind Disney Baby values us as writers. They care about our families and how we are doing. They read all about our babies and find joy in watching them grow. It’s a blessing to work for and with a company who understands how important being a parent is, what our most prized possession is (our children) and seeks to create products and work with brands who share that same belief.

6. There’s more to this brand than just great products – It’s affirming to know that there is more to Baby ECOS than really great products. As parents we tend to go above and beyond when it comes to our families and Baby ECOS has managed to do the same. They also value education and learning. Education is something I’m passionate about. I fought my way through college and graduate school as a single parent. I knew the doors that could open for us using my education as a key to unlock them. Baby ECOS has partnered with children’s museums across the United States and even offers lotteries for ticket giveaways and discounts. They know that museums can play an instrumental role in fostering a love of learning in our children. Additionally they partner with schools (and the museums) to host fun science related classes and teach children about taking care of our earth by using safe and natural cleaning products.

These are a few of the things that I love about Baby ECOS. Although my littlest is two and technically no longer a baby, these are products that can grow with my family. Learn more about Baby ECOS on their website at

Have you tried Baby ECOS products? Do you have a favorite?

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