5 Reasons Tantrums Can Be a Good Thing

As irritating as tantrums can be — and believe me, I know how frustrating it is to go through the tantrum phase — there are also some positive aspects of tantrums. Hard to believe, right? Well, let me share a few reasons why I think tantrums can actually be a good thing:

Baby Having Tantrum

1. It means your baby is strong-willed.

My baby boy is determined, almost to the point of being stubborn. Every time he throws a fit it’s because he’s doing something and it’s not turning out the way he likes. In times like these, I try to remind myself that he’s actually showing strength of character.

2. It means your baby knows what he wants.

Most of baby boy’s tantrums are caused by the fact that I either take something away from him he shouldn’t have or I’m not allowing him to do something he wants. Either way, again, I am reminded that at least the boy knows what he wants.

3. It means your baby is trying to express himself.

Since baby boy’s vocabulary is limited at just eighteen-months of age, it stands to reason that the next best way for him to express himself is by crying or throwing a tantrum. Though in the moment it’s hard to remember, I later realize that it’s one of the only ways he can currently communicate with us.

4. It means your baby cares.

If baby boy did not care about whatever he’s trying to do, see, or have, then he’d just walk away with no issue. The fact that he’s throwing a fit about the situation shows me that he cares. This is actually a good thing.

5. It means your baby is progressing.

We all know that tantrums are a natural part of a baby’s life. Toddlers going through a tantrum phase is normal and means your baby is making progress as a person!

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