Reasons Babies Cry

Babies cry. It is the way they communicate. The interesting thing is that they cry for a number of different reasons. I have three kids, but when I was a new mom with my first, I learned quickly that every time my baby was crying, it didn’t necessarily mean he was hungry.

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    Reasons Why Babies Cry

    There are a number of reasons for a little one to cry. Learning and knowing your baby will help you recognize what their need is so that you can meet it and make them feel better!

    Here are a few reasons why babies cry.

  • over.stimulated

    They're Overstimulated

    Sometimes babies are over stimulated and it makes them cry. The best thing to do if your baby is overstimulated is go into a room with the lights dimmed down, turn off all sounds, and slowly rock your baby. Sometimes my little ones even wanted to be left alone in their crib for a bit. This one is an important one because often as new parents the more they cry, the more we try and sing, bounce and talk…when in reality the little one just wants a bit of space.

  • swaddle me.

    They Prefer to Be Swaddled

    All babies are different but mine preferred to be swaddled. I swaddled both of my older kids until they were 10 months old and my new baby prefers to be swaddled at all times. As soon as she she cries, I swaddle her and then see what other needs need to be met!

  • I am hungry.

    They're Hungry

    When a baby cries, normally the first response is, “she/he is hungry!” And a lot of times this is the case. Knowing feeding times and your little one’s signs of hunger will help you know when it is time for he or she to eat!

  • I want to be held.

    They Want to Be Held

    Babies love to be held, snuggled and cuddled with. Sometimes they will cry because they want to be held close. Little ones love to see faces, hear voices, and feel your skin close. As a mom of three, babywearing is a great way to stay on the move but keep my little one close!

  • cold or hot.

    They're Cold (or Hot)

    Little babies love to be snuggled up all warm! But they don’t want to be too warm! So finding out your little one’s perfect temperature and clothing is a must!

  • teething

    They're Teething

    Teething is just the worst and for some babies can start early. For some little ones teething can start as early as 3 months old.

  • I am sick.

    They're Sick

    Sometimes you have met every need and your baby is still fussy and sad. It is time to take their temperature! They could be sick or coming down with something. This is also a good time to call your little one’s doctor.

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