Real Party Inspiration: Rooney’s Golden Birthday Celebration!

I love the theme behind today’s party! When blogger Kelsey Williams was thinking of themes for her daughter Rooney’s second birthday party she came up with something pretty fun. “I realized she would be turning two on the 2nd. This is called a golden birthday and is very popular in the Midwest, so I went with golds and yellows for the decorations.” Such a great idea! And even if your little one won’t be celebrating their golden birthday at such a young age, the gold color scheme is a super cute idea for any birthday party. Check out all the lovely party inspiration from Miss Rooney’s special day!

  • Real Party Inspiration: Rooney's Golden Birthday Celebration!

    Real Party Inspiration: Rooney's Golden Birthday Celebration!

    Click through to be inspired by this lovely golden birthday celebration!

  • Invitations to set the tone

    Invitations to set the tone

    Kelsey set the tone for the party with adorable invitations that included a splash of gold and Rooney’s adorable, smiling face. I love the detail of having the envelope liners be a sparkly gold. Definitely a nice touch.

  • Big Baloons!

    Big Baloons!

    I’m a big fan of these large balloons as party decor. They feel substantial and make a big impact and are a great way to easily tie in your color scheme.

  • The spread

    The spread

    I love that the dessert bar became the focal point for the party. The golden tassels, golden balloons and spray painted vessels are just a few of the adorable details I love.

  • Enjoying the candy bar

    Enjoying the candy bar

    …And obviously Miss Rooney was a big fan of the candy bar!

  • Golden details

    Golden details

    A close up of the golden details.

  • Mingling guests

    Mingling guests

    Guests enjoying the celebrating of such a sweet little lady!

  • Never enough gold

    Never enough gold

    More gold details. I love the idea of creating party decor that can be reused beyond the birthday party. This is a great example as this steer would make great wall decor.

  • A birthday cupcake

    A birthday cupcake

    This pink cupcake and it’s little stand are adorable and the sparkling candle is a nice touch.

  • ...Or two for good measure

    ...Or two for good measure

    This nickname cake topper is a fun addition to the party and makes it feel really sweet and personalized.

  • Enjoy birthday girl!

    Enjoy birthday girl!

    Enjoying her birthday sweet on her special custom birthday plate.

  • Family photo

    Family photo

    Kelsey says, “Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time, energy and money on birthday parties for a toddler who will not remember it, but I think it’s because her birthday feels a little bit like it’s my birthday too. My giving-birth day. It’s a big day for our entire family, and I wanted to celebrate big.”

Thanks for letting me share Rooney’s adorable birthday party Kelsey! And if you want to see more from Kelsey, her husband Eric and their little Rooney, then check out their blogs (they are busy bees and have three!): Words of WilliamsSnappy Casual and The Rockstar Ranch or follow them on Instagram @kelseywilliams or @wordsofwilliams.

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