Real Party Inspiration: Huck’s Woodland Camp Birthday

This birthday party is maybe one of my most favorite that I’ve shared to date. It was a 2nd birthday party my friend Meghan hosted for her little guy Huck and after seeing just the “sneak peek” photos on Instagram I was begging her to let me share it here at Disney Baby. Meghan went with a “Camp Huck” woodland theme for the party and the party is filled with so many thoughtful details that make it feel special, but not over-the-top and unattainable for less crafty parents (like myself!). All of the food was vegan since their family is vegan and I was impressed with all the great healthy options she was able to come up with – especially for the cake! It’s brilliant! Check out the cuteness! (*More DIY details can also be found at Meghan’s blog Little Figgy Pudding!)

  • Real Party Inspiration: Huck's Woodland Camp Birthday Party

    Real Party Inspiration: Huck's Woodland Camp Birthday Party

    Welcome to “Camp Huck”!

  • Invitations


    Meghan set the tone for Huck’s party with these adorable invitations. She had them designed by a friend and printed them on brown craft paper. I love the wording and how they ask guests to wear flannel – such a fun touch! The invites were sealed with little Fern stickers and botanical stamps to further solidify the woodland theme.

  • The Birthday Boy

    The Birthday Boy

    This is Huck – one of the most adorable two year olds I know – rocking his “Brother Bear” birthday t-shirt and woodland pants. His outfit is perfect for the camp/woodland theme of his party and I love that it’s both cute and totally comfy for him to run and play and enjoy the party.

  • Camp Huck play area

    Camp Huck play area

    Guests were greeted by this camping set-up in the living room as they entered the party. Meghan’s husband Andrew made the A-frame tent and she laid out a plaid blanket underneath along with a cozy pillow to make it inviting for little guest. The best part is the plush campfire set though! I’m in love!

  • The spread

    The spread

    The buffet area served as the focal point for the party and Meghan tied in her theme with adorable details. A DIY chalkboard banner that said “Camp Huck” and a little tree banner. Many of the vessels for the “camp grub” were wooden, or cast iron to go with the theme as well which I thought was a simple and creative touch.

  • Field Roast Sausages

    Field Roast Sausages

    The vegan field roast sausages made for perfect “camp food” and were a hit with all of Huck’s party guests!

  • Trail Mix Bars

    Trail Mix Bars

    Trail mix is practically a camp essential, so these bars were a great choice. Meghan also made cute labels for all the food and drinks by stamping on craft paper and choosing clever names for everything to tie in with the theme.

  • Rabbit Food

    Rabbit Food

    Carrots and celery were labeled as “Rabbit Food”, popcorn was “For the Birds” and the little pretzel sticks were labeled as “Kindling”. Small touches like these are really simple, but do a fantastic job of tying a party together.

  • Ants on a Log

    Ants on a Log

    …And who could forget this childhood classis: ants on a log! I completely forgot about this snack, but I love this as a healthy party treat!

  • Details


    A couple of banners Meghan made for the party.

  • Drink Station

    Drink Station

    The drink station was filled with lots of yummy things including Huck’s birthday cake and some delicious s’mores cookies!

  • Fresh Creek Water

    Fresh Creek Water

    “Fresh Creek Water” (AKA water with blueberries) was served in these adorable mason jars with birch straws.

  • Campfire Cider

    Campfire Cider

    Campfire cider was another one of the drink options – such a great idea!

  • Coloring Station

    Coloring Station

    A little coloring station was set up for the kiddos and Meghan printed off woodland themed coloring sheets onto brown craft paper to stick with her theme.

  • Party Bags

    Party Bags

    Fun party bags for little guest included woodland animal stickers, bunny treats and the cutest little twig pencils – all placed in simple brown paper bags and stamped with guests names.

  • The Cake

    The Cake

    Isn’t this cake lovely? The wood cookie makes a perfect cake platter and the little deer on top are the sweetest! There’s also a secret inside…

  • Digging in!

    Digging in!

    It’s actually watermelon! Huck doesn’t eat added sugar, so this was a great cake alternative and would be perfect and simple to whip up for a first birthday party. I wish I’d thought of it! Meghan simply cut the watermelon into the shape she wanted and then frosted it with homemade whipped coconut cream. Brilliant!

  • Happy Birthday Huck!

    Happy Birthday Huck!

    Happy birthday Huck! Your mama did such a fantastic job creating a memorable party for you!

You can see more party photos and read all the details over at Meghan’s blog Little Figgy Pudding and follow along with her family’s adventures there as well as on Instagram (@moonsandjunes)!

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