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My sweet friend Sara is a librarian and has a passion for the written word like no one I’ve ever known. She especially loves gifting her friends with babies very special hand-picked children’s books to help them build their little libraries. So when we found out that she herself was going to become a mom, we knew we had to throw her a book-themed baby shower for the record books. It was a labor of love between me, her other friends, and her family, and if I do say so myself, I think the party was absolutely beautiful! Click through to see the images and get inspiration for your own book-themed party!

  • A Beautiful Book Themed Baby Shower!

    A Beautiful Book Themed Baby Shower!

    We threw a book themed baby shower full of hidden children’s book page pieces and lots of love. Click through to see all the images and get inspired for your own party planning!

  • You're Invited

    We used this gorgeous FREE printable created by Rifle Paper Co. and available via Martha Steward for our invitation suite. They were such a huge hit!

    Free Invitation Printable by Rifle Paper Co. for Martha Stewart

  • Favorite Stories

    Favorite Stories

    We asked the mom to be what her favorite children’s books are and asked the talented Jennyfer Mancino from The Sugar Suite to create a cake that combined the book titles with the style from the invitations.

  • Little Details

    Little Details

    Didn’t she do an amazing job? Those little flowers match the invitations perfectly! And that top book title? It’s a little inside joke because everyone calls the baby “Momo” since mom and dad aren’t sharing his name yet. ;)

  • Cut The Cake!

    Cut The Cake!

    The cake was so pretty that no one wanted to ruin it by cutting into it. So we let the guest of honor do it and get to taste the amazing flavors inside first!

  • Tiny Treats

    Tiny Treats

    Mini desserts are so handy for parties because they let guests indulge without guilt! Also, guests can sample a bunch of desserts without hitting sugar overload!

  • Mini Cheesecakes

    Mini Cheesecakes

    These were my favorite! Mini cookies and cream cheesecakes. They were a hit with the guests too!

  • Fancy Feast

    Fancy Feast

    We decided to do a big dessert table spread with everything from a custom cake to fruit tarts so that there was something delicious for everyone. (Gluten free included!)

  • Special Pieces

    Special Pieces

    I bought a few old children’s books at a garage sale and used a scalloped edge hole punch to make confetti out of the pages. They were perfectly sized, added just enough texture and color to the table, and were super easy to clean up.

  • Special Flowers

    Special Flowers

    We found flowers made from children’s book paper pages and hid them in the flower arrangements. They were a bit hit, and they were beautiful!

  • DIY Florals

    DIY Florals

    I made all the flower arrangements myself. It was my first time trying and I think I did a pretty good job! I bought the flowers from a local floral market and just pieced everything together the morning of the shower.

  • Juicy Pastel Palette

    Juicy Pastel Palette

    We kept the color palette pretty gender neutral incorporating reds, oranges, purples, greens and browns primarily.

  • Family Fun

    Family Fun

    The mom’s broke out some funny photos of the daddy-to-be as a baby and passed them around. All the guests got a good laugh about it.

  • Setting The Scene

    Setting The Scene

    We decided to set up the gorgeous dessert table right near the door so it was the first thing guests would see when they arrived and it set the tone for the whole party.

  • Paper Everywhere

    Paper Everywhere

    We strung garlands made from old book pages from the chandelier to make a beautiful and whimsical mobile above the table.

  • It's All About The Details

    It's All About The Details

    We tried to make sure all the details were lovely, even down to the drink station where we put pretty green and white striped paper straws in a fold vintage cup next to a miniature flower arrangement.

  • Refreshments


    Fruit infused water and pretty straws set up on the counter so everyone had easy access to refreshments.

  • Special Glassware

    Special Glassware

    We rented these beautiful colored glass pieces from Dishie Rentals and I think they made the dessert table even more beautiful than it already was!

  • Lace Details

    Lace Details

    It’s a super simple thing to do, but little bits of lace can really take a bouquet from pretty to beautiful!

  • Ahoy Matey!

    Ahoy Matey!

    The baby’s nursery is going to be adventure/pirate themed so guests were super fun with their gift wrapping and incorporated that theme into it. Isn’t that creative?!

  • Have Some Fun

    Have Some Fun

    We only played a few simple games but everyone laughed and enjoyed them. Especially this game where the co-host interviewed the dad-to-be and we all had to guess how he answered the questions.

  • Treasure


    Everyone was asked to bring a favorite book to give to little Momo and we put them in this great wicker chest for the mom and dad to be to get to keep.

  • Books Everywhere!

    Books Everywhere!

    We were able to incorporate books in a lot of little places. We found this adorable little mini book garland and couldn’t resist it!

  • Happy Mama

    Happy Mama

    Since little Momo’s nursery is pirate themed, guests brought and made some really cute things for it. I especially loved this sign which was hand made by one of the guests.

  • Books Books and More Books

    Books Books and More Books

    I love book-based showers because it’s so fun to see what book everyone chooses to bring for the baby.


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