Real Nursery Inspiration: Noah’s Mary Blair Inspired Nursery


In a sea of nurseries, Noah’s nursery definitely stands out from the crowd, and just might be one of my favorite nurseries to date. Noah’s parents, Art Director Jason Porter and psychiatrist mama Elizabeth-Clare put together the most amazing Mary Blair inspired space (in case you didn’t know I’m a big Mary Blair fan) and I’m smitten. Here’s what they had to say about their inspiration: “My wife and I are both huge Disney fans and after our pregnancy announcement we both knew a Disney themed nursery would follow suit. We are both fans of Mary Blair’s artwork, already owning a throw pillow from the Disneyana Gallery when she was featured a few years back, and just felt her bold use of patterns and color would look great in a nursery. The main focus was getting everything to look fun and cute while still looking like a boy’s room. (bonus points because my wife said it would be developmentally appropriate too!)” Check out Noah’s nursery tour!

  • Real Nursery Inspiration: Noah's Mary Blair Inspired Nursery

    Real Nursery Inspiration: Noah's Mary Blair Inspired Nursery

    This nursery is a wonderful example of a cool and modern nursery that plays to a parent’s aesthetic, while still being fun and kid-friendly. This is maybe one of my most favorite nurseries I’ve ever shared!

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Wall art + a dresser redesign

    Wall art + a dresser redesign

    A bit of DIY Mary Blair inspired art work, created by Noah’s talented parents and an IKEA dresser hack. They repainted it and added the cool striped detail that ties the space together so perfectly and brings a lovely, bright pop of color to the room.

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • A cozy corner filled with memories

    A cozy corner filled with memories

    I love this little corner of Noah’s room and all the meaning in it. That lovely chevron throw on the glider was made by Jason’s aunt and the pillow was the original Mary Blair pillow that inspired the space. But, my favorite is the bassinet that has been passed down through Jason’s family. “My grandmother was the first to use it with my mom, and every aunt/cousin/grandkid on my mom’s side has used it since.”

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Crib close-up

    Crib close-up

    Such a sweet place for little Noah to rest his head. I love the mix of patterns and that rug is so perfect – definitely Mary Blair-esque.

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • A quilt made with love

    A quilt made with love

    This quilt was a labor of love made by Noah’s mama – it was her first ever if you can believe it! I love how it ties in so nicely with the overall design of the room. They started with the quilt as a color palette inspiration, because matching paint to fabric is much easier than matching fabric to paint.

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Hand made mobile

    Hand made mobile

    I love the ingenuity that these two employed in creating this space and the mobile is no exception. Jason says, “My wife spent hours on Etsy looking for a mobile that would match everything, but the one she liked was fairly expensive. It looked easy enough to make, so we did it ourselves.”

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Mobile close-up

    Mobile close-up

    I can only imagine how much a little one would enjoy looking up at the bold and graphic loveliness that is this mobile.

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Trash can art work

    Trash can art work

    All of the canvases in Noah’s nursery were painted by Jason and Elizabeth-Clare as an alternative to painting the walls since the live in a rental and I think it’s genius! I love this wall art set based on the Tryptic on the garbage cans near It’s a Small World. So cool!

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • DIY topiary

    DIY topiary

    This topiary is maybe my favorite detail in the entire nursery. Jason says, “The Mickey topiary was my wife’s idea (she’s the brains of this operation!) I had bought a large vinylmation doll with the intention of painting it, but when visiting the park she thought it would look better as a topiary, similar to the ones outside It’s A Small World. Needless to say, I think she knocked it out of the park with that idea.”

    Photo via Jason Porter

  • Small World lettering

    Small World lettering

    The name sign for Noah’s room was inspired by the sign in front of It’s a Small World
    and I think it adds the perfect finishing touch to the room. Such a great space!

    Photo via Jason Porter

Thank you so much to Jason and Elizabeth-Clare Porter for letting me share Noah’s awesome space! You both did such a fantastic job!

You can see more from Jason over at his blog, and can also see larger photos of the nursery on Imgur and more process photos as well! For more DIY details you can check out the thread about Noah’s nursery over on Jason’s Reddit profile.

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